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Stay Ahead of Changing Tech TrendsStay Ahead of Changing Tech Trends

Attend PMI® Information Systems & Technology Symposium on 30 June. This virtual event is FREE and only available to PMI members.

What Earns Executive Support? Successful OutcomesWhat Earns Executive Support? Successful Outcomes

Business analysis can help attract the attention of executives by delivering successful outcomes. Learn more on the collaborative blog Building the Foundation: The BOK on BA.

Evidence-Based Knowledge to Inform PracticeEvidence-Based Knowledge to Inform Practice

Join scholars and project professionals in a full-day interactive project management research event in Paris. Speakers will provide novel approaches to problem-solving and address real-world application of research findings. Register now.

No Simple MatterNo Simple Matter

Just as a spider's web is complex when you look at it up close, so are organizations. Dependencies go in every direction, and these introduce uncertainty and add risks to projects. In this environment, PMO leaders must be prepared to manage sweeping change.

  • Stay Ahead of Changing Tech Trends
    Stay Ahead of Changing Tech Trends
  • What Earns Executive Support? Successful Outcomes
    Delivering Successful Outcomes with BA
  • Evidence-Based Knowledge to Inform Practice
    Regional Research Event in Paris
  • No Simple Matter
    No Simple Matter

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PMI certifications distinguish you in the job market and can help you move ahead. Several certifications including the PMP® validate a range of education and experience levels in project management. Find out more or get started now to apply.

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Job opportunities across the profession

Visit the job board to find and apply for project management jobs or recruit project talent. Here are a few of the open positions.

Learn more about project management

Improving Business Performance

Executing strategy well to deliver superior business performance is a challenge and the core theme of this book. Here's a case study that applies project portfolio concepts in practical scenarios, plus templates to use in your own portfolios, programs, and projects.

The Strategic Impact of ProjectsThe Strategic Impact of Projects

Identify benefits to drive business results

Our new Pulse of the Profession® in-depth report reveals a powerful truth to improve project outcomes. When benefits are identified before the start of a project, 74 percent of projects meet goals and business intent. Discover the steps your organization can take to improve results.

Learning to LeadLearning to Lead

In our new infographic, four veterans discuss their views on leadership and how project professionals can become great leaders.

If you're a U.S. military veteran, project management could be your ideal post-service career. Learn about transitioning into this profession and how PMI is a proud supporter of the Joining Forces initiative.

Economic SnapshotEconomic Snapshot

Economic conditions for the project management profession globally range from softer to unchanged compared to Quarter 1 of 2015. However, projects funded by government stimulus monies have rebounded from last quarter's dip.

Get the details and see the trends charted over time, from our quarterly global survey.