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2016 Pulse of the Profession<sup>&reg;</sup> released2016 Pulse of the Profession® released

How will you improve business results?

US$122 million is wasted for every US$1 billion invested due to poor project performance. It’s time to strengthen the conversation on the benefits of project management and embrace it as strategic competency.

Time is running out to nominate for a PMI Professional Award!Time is running out to nominate for a PMI Professional Award!

Get recognized as the Best of the Best in project management. There's still time to nominate a person or project for a PMI Professional Award. Nomination deadline is 1 March.

Academic Virtual EventAcademic Virtual Event

Project Management and the Academic Community

Find out how we advance the teaching of project management and how to transition from student to project professional. Connect with the next generation.

Join our free virtual event for practitioners, faculty and university students on 24 February.

What skills do employers value most?   What skills do employers value most?

71% of organizations rank leadership skills as the most important for project managers’ long-term success. Need to improve your leadership skills? Try our online course in leadership essentials.

  • 2016 Pulse of the Profession<sup>&reg;</sup> released
    2016 Pulse of the Profession®
  • Time is running out to nominate for a PMI Professional Award!
    Time is running out
  • Academic Virtual Event
    Academic virtual event
  • What skills do employers value most?
    Skills employers value most

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Job opportunities across the profession

Visit the job board to find and apply for project management jobs or recruit project talent. Here are a few of the open positions.

Learn more about project management

Project Management for Supplier Organizations

Most literature on project management presents the story from the project owner’s perspective. Here you’ll explore challenges and remedies from the perspective of project vendors. Learn about a new model that integrates the role of the supplier as a member of the owner’s project team with their own needed activities such as marketing and selling.

The Power of Project Portfolio ManagementThe Power of Project Portfolio Management

Organizations often manage so many projects at any one time that they fail to assess thoroughly the alignment of projects and programs to strategy. Our 2015 Thought Leadership Series reveals the critical factors for delivering bold change and successful implementation of strategic initiatives.

Why Project Ethics MatterWhy Project Ethics Matter

Ethics are essential since acting ethically leads to trust. Once your team members trust you, they can begin to follow you. Beware of shortcuts, however, and be sure to hold your colleagues accountable for ethical behavior.

See the commentary in PM Network.

Economic Indicators of Importance to the Project Management CommunityEconomic Indicators of Importance to the Project Management Community

Economic Conditions are Mixed

More projects are back on track along with more training for project professionals. But fewer project managers were hired compared to Q4 of 2014.

See our Economic Snapshot, with graphs of conditions over time.