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Getting started in project management? Get ahead.Getting started in project management? Get ahead.

85% of CAPM® certification holders say the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® advanced their career. Need help preparing for the exam? Get the CAPM Edge.

Introducing the all-new PMITeach.orgIntroducing the all-new

Learn more about enriching academic programs, teaching project management and conducting research. now features the new Project Management Curriculum and Resources, a guide for qualified university educators.

Transforming Air TrafficTransforming Air Traffic

Program Management Success in Government

One of the largest public works projects in U.S. aviation history improved air traffic control and met cost and schedule expectations using proven practices in project management. Read the success story of the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, Air Traffic Organization.

5 Project Management Career Hacks 5 Project Management Career Hacks

Professional development is all about the long game. But you can get noticed in the short-term with these simple career hacks.

  • Getting started in project management? Get ahead.
    Getting started in project management?
  • Introducing the all-new
  • Transforming Air Traffic
    Transforming Air Traffic
  • 5 Project Management Career Hacks
    5 Project Management Career Hacks

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The Influential Project ManagerWhat ails your project?

Common risk management ailments include risk blindness, risk amnesia, risk muteness, risk obesity, risk anorexia, risk depression, and risk myopia. Dr. David Hillson prescribes treatment for serious issues that can lead to project or business failure.

Capturing the Value of Project Management Through Knowledge TransferCapturing the Value of Project Management Through Knowledge Transfer

When organizations value and support knowledge transfer, they improve project outcomes by nearly 35 percent. The most effective organizations implement a five-step method for knowledge transfer — learn more in this Pulse of the Profession® in-depth report.

Next-Gen Robots Interact With PeopleNext-Gen Robots Interact With People

The latest industrial and service robots are adaptable, less expensive and interactive. One even reads human emotions. This means a proliferation of projects.

News from the World of Project ManagementNews from the World of Project Management

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