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Research shows that when barriers exist between systems engineers and program managers, engineering programs take longer, cost more and often don’t meet the customer’s expectations. Since 2011, we’ve worked in alliance with the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) and MIT’s Consortium for Engineering Program Excellence to improve the effective integration of the systems engineering and program management disciplines. As a team, we’re combatting program management challenges and delivering better solutions to stakeholders who depend on them.

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About the Lean Enablers for Managing Engineering Programs Guide

Diagram showing foundations of the Guide

What the Guide Says

The research identifies 160 program management challenges, as well as 300 lean enablers that can combat those challenges.

The challenges are divided into 10 themes (three of which appear below), and the enablers are divided into six key principles:

  • Significant Challenges
  • Reactive Execution:

    Programs are driven by outside influences, not strategic goals.
  • Lack of accountability:

    Roles and responsibilities aren’t clearly defined.
  • Insufficient competency:

    Team or individual knowledge is inadequate, not transferred properly or not applied.
  • Lean Enabler Solutions
  • Respect for people
  • Capturing values as defined by the customer
  • Mapping the value stream
  • Maintaining flow through value-added processes
  • Letting customers’ needs determine value
  • Pursuing perfection in all processes

These enablers can help organizations, no matter how mature, reduce waste and risk in both current and future projects — helping to make sure programs deliver their intended benefits and ROI.