OPM3® Professional Services

When it comes to organizational project management, sometimes you can’t make it on your own. Turn to OPM3 Professional Services — and OPM3 Certified Professionals — to give you the hands-on support you need.

OPM3 Certified Professionals are experienced project management consultants, trained and certified by PMI. They hold the OPM3 Professional Certification, and have special expertise in organizational project management.

When you partner with one, you get access to their extensive knowledge and tools, including OPM3 ProductSuite, exclusive to OPM3 certified professionals. They can help you assess your project management capabilities, and develop a detailed improvement plan that focuses on people, processes and knowledge.

They’ll work with your organization to implement best practices, and lead you to a sustainable competitive advantage — regardless of your organization’s size.

Search the OPM3 Certified Professionals directory today, where you can browse by industry or region to find the right professional for your organization.

According to PMI’s 2013 Pulse of the ProfessionTM report, organizations with high project management maturity average 75% of their projects meeting original goals and business intent. Make sure your project is one of them with OPM3 Professional Services.

Curious about becoming an OPM3 Certified Professional? Learn more about OPM3 Professional Certification.