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PMI’s 2014 Pulse of the Profession® research shows that organizations face a wide chasm between their actual state and the state of success, mostly due to a lack of focus on people, processes and outcomes. The right consultant — one who understands your line of business — can help you increase performance in these areas and convert your project portfolio into a sharp, competitive advantage.

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PMI Registered Consultants are management consultants and business experts who operate in nearly every corner of the world. They are distinguished by specialized skill in guiding organizations to realize benefits and implement change through high performance in project, program and portfolio management.

Across the board, the need for expertise is acute. Pulse of the Profession, our signature annual survey of project practitioners, uncovered the following trends:

  • 44 percent of strategic initiatives are unsuccessful. Only 9 percent of organizations rate themselves as excellent on successfully executing initiatives to deliver strategic results
  • For every US$1 billion invested in projects, US$109 million is lost due to poor performance
  • High performing organizations complete 89 percent of their projects successfully, but low performers complete only 36 percent successfully. The difference can mean thriving — or not surviving.

There is good news as well. Organizations characterized by process maturity in project, program and portfolio management, often with the presence of a PMO, experience much greater rates of success in their strategic initiatives.

Process Maturity Leads to Success

Project management maturity improves strategic success

When you need a customized solution for your organization based on a fresh, unbiased perspective — and expertise to do the work — it’s time to source a consultant.

Get the most from this important relationship — see our complimentary Guide on How to Select a Project Management Consultancy.

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