Organization Talent Management

When your organization supports project management, it doesn’t mean you implement practices and procedures and call it a day. You need to support your talent, too, and that goes far beyond hiring people and giving them a desk and a mailbox.

Proper talent management is a strategic competency — a blend of recruitment, professional development, succession planning and execution of best practices. Your talent is your most important competitive advantage.

See what PMI offers to help you acquire, assess, assign and develop your project management talent. Because when you do it right, you’re not just more successful at attracting and retaining talent — you’re more successful at project management, period.

Acquire your talent

Of course, it all starts with attracting the right talent for your projects. But where can you find them?

When you post a job on PMI Career Headquarters, you’re connected to the most experienced and qualified project, program and portfolio management professionals — the more than 650,000 PMI members and credential holders around the world.

Assess your talent

Once you have your talent, how do you know where their strengths and weakness lie?

Use PMI Knowledge Assessments to determine your employees’ current project, program and portfolio management knowledge—and see where they need additional training and development.

Assign your talent development opportunities

Now that you have a knowledge baseline for your employees, it’s time to help them hone their skills and develop to their full potential.

PMI offers a wealth of professional development opportunities for practitioners. From PMI certifications to SeminarsWorld® courses to our chapters and communities of practice, your employees have a lot of options to network with and learn from the profession’s best and brightest.

Develop your talent

Knowing what talent you have is one thing — knowing what to do with that talent is another.

PMI PathPro® puts you in the driver’s seat of employee advancement. Use it to identify career paths, customize job descriptions and build custom job categories for your employees.