PMI Chapters and Communities of Practice

A Great Part of Membership

If you're a PMI member who would like to connect with others in your profession, then our chapters and communities are a terrific opportunity for you.

Join your nearest chapter and one or more communities to learn from peers, share what you know and increase your contact network. It's a most enjoyable and rewarding part of being a member.

Chapter members meet face-to-face. You'll engage with project practitioners from varied industries and get together for educational and networking events. PMI has more than 250 chapters in more than 70 countries worldwide. See the list of chapters.

Communities of practice occur online. You'll get acquainted with practitioners from across the globe who share your interest in a specific industry or area of practice.

You'll collaborate to create project management knowledge and resources that meet the needs of the community and advance the profession. Tools such as webinars, wikis and blogs are at your disposal.

Many communities are newly forming, so it's a great time to join. You can help shape new activities and discussions. See the list of communities.

Chapters and communities are also great places to develop your leadership skills. All activities are planned, organized and led by members. In fact, leadership development is another great reason to be a part of PMI. Find out more.