Returns and Refunds

Orders for items already shipped must be returned for a refund. Refer to the Return and Refund Policy for more information. Membership can not be cancelled nor is it refundable.

If an order has not yet been shipped, the user may view the details of the order and choose the Cancel Order button.

If an order has been shipped, the Cancel Order function is not available to the user.

Perform the following steps to cancel an order that has not been shipped:

  • Navigate to the Order History page in your profile. Click the View Details link corresponding to the order you wish to cancel.

    order history

Order History: View Details

  • Click the Cancel Order button on the Order Details page.

    cancel order button

    Order Details Showing Cancel Order Button

  • A message displays indicating that the cancellation is in progress. The fulfillment vendor receives the cancellation request and attempts to cancel the balance of the order. Two outcomes are possible:
    • The fulfillment vendor cancels the order.
    • The order cannot be canceled. In this case, the customer must return the merchandise upon receipt.
    • The order cancellation process is now complete. You will receive an order cancellation e-mail as confirmation.