Reviewing and Changing Orders

How to View an Order

Use the Order History portion of My PMI to view a summary of your current and past Store orders. Perform the following steps to view order history information:

  • Select the Order History page from the My PMI links at the left of the screen.

Figure 1: My PMI Order History Link

  • Select a sorting option from the Sort By: field.
  • Select a filter option from the Filter By: field.
  • A list of orders displays including the following information:
    • Date
    • Order Number
    • Total Cost
    • Quantity
    • Status

If an order has not yet been shipped in full, click View Details if you wish to cancel an item that hasn’t been shipped.

Figure 2:
Order History Showing Status

How to Change an Order

Perform the following steps to remove an item from your cart during checkout:

  • Click Change Cart Contents to remove an item from the cart.

Figure 1: Change Cart Contents

  • Locate the item to remove from the cart, and click Remove.

Figure 2: Item in Cart showing Remove Button

  • A message displays to indicate changes to the cart contents.

Figure 3: Cart Content Change Message

  • The cart content change procedure is complete.