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Requirements management ensures benefits realization

As the global environment becomes more complex, the pressure is on for you to deliver the right results, on-time and on-budget. You can't afford failures caused by weak or inaccurate requirements.

Poor requirements management is a major cause of project failure, second only to changing organization priorities.
Source: PMI 2014 Pulse of the Profession® study.

Use this knowledge center of excellence (COE) as your one-stop shop to improve requirements management capabilities and maturity to advance your project outcomes.

When you keep requirements management at the heart of your projects and programs you’ll:

  • Meet expected project benefits
  • Achieve tangible business outcomes
  • Exceed stakeholder expectations
  • Help your organization establish processes to improve its performance

Requirements management is a critical competency on projects and programs—regardless of who performs it. By breaking down the barriers between roles and through working together, success can be achieved in both common and complex projects.

Learn about PMI’s expansion of its offerings on requirements management and plans for the next year. Also, PMI’s Dave Bieg discusses how PMI’s tools for effective requirements management will help practitioners achieve project and program success.

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