International Standards Activities

PMI volunteers and staff participate in a number of standards activities at the international level in order to promote the project management profession.

ISO/TC258 Technical Committee

Approved by the Technical Management Board (TMB) of ISO in October 2010, TC258 Project, Programme, and Portfolio Management will develop standards in this field to supplement that work of ISO PC236, which delivered ISO 21500 Guidance on project management, in 2012.

TC258 has begun an activity for the development of an international standard on portfolio management, and a study group to look at the topic of governance. Other project management-related topics are under consideration for new activities.

The ISO/TC258 Secretariat is administered by PMI on behalf of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), with Karl Best, a PMI staff member, serving as TC258 Secretary. TC258 is chaired by Mr. Miles Shepherd on behalf of the British Standards Institute (BSI).

For more information on ISO/TC258 and its members, please refer to the ISO/ TC258 web page. You can also contact Karl Best, PMI standards compliance specialist.

If you are interested in participating in ISO/ TC258, you must first join your country’s mirror committee; you can start by contacting your country’s national standards body. If you or your organization are domiciled in the United States and would like to engage in ISO/TC 258 activities, you can participate by joining the U.S. Technical Advisory Group (U.S. TAG) which is an ANSI accredited committee comprised of subject matter experts, individuals and entities directly and materially affected by the standards activities of ISO/TC258.

Currently, the U.S. TAG is conducting a call for technical experts. Please review this short presentation to learn more about requirements for participation and how to submit an application.

Additional International Activities:

PMI also participates in other international standards activities by sending volunteer or staff representatives to the following committees:

  • ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7, Software and Systems Engineering
  • ISO PC262, Risk Management

For information about PMI participation in these activities, please contact Karl Best, PMI standards compliance specialist.