PMI Continuing Professional Education Provider of the Year Award

The PMI Continuing Professional Education Provider of the Year Award is to recognize and honor exceptional skills in the delivery and implementation of a professional development program in project, program, or portfolio management.


  • Self-nomination is permitted.
  • This award may be given to a corporate/government/ association, a commercial business education provider, and/or an academic institution that is responsible for the development, delivery, and continuous improvement of the nominated professional development program.
  • This project, program or portfolio professional development program is defined as a combination of products and services, such as a curriculum, to yield the attainment of an educational objective or professional position. A curriculum for a PMO Director, a Senior Project Manager, a Risk Manager or a Program Manager is an example of a professional development program. Formal learning (instructional-led via classroom, etc.) and informal learning (on the job experience/in the community experience) may also be part of a curriculum).
  • The professional development program must be delivered for the first time in the previous calendar year and still offered as part of the education provider’s offerings.
  • Endorsement letters must:
    • Come from third parties, preferably students.
    • Reference the application of the individual’s learnings from the program.
    • Articulate/demonstrate the impact of the program to them as a professional.
    • Be dated within the previous calendar year.

Not Eligible

  • PMI-offered programs are not eligible for this award.
  • Professional development programs submitted previously for consideration of this award will not be eligible unless documentation shows significant improvements or revisions have been made to the program since the prior submission.
  • Evaluators, or the companies these evaluators represent, are not eligible to receive this award.

Number of Awards

  • Only one PMI Continuing Professional Education Provider of the Year Award may be given annually PMI reserves the right not to select a recipient for a particular year if the evaluations performed indicate that nominations do not meet the stated criteria.
  • PMI reserves the right not to select a recipient for a particular year if the minimum threshold score is not met by any nominees.

Nomination Procedures

  • The nominator(s) shall be affiliated with PMI by membership or by PMI Certification, or be a Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.).
  • The nominator(s) must have personal knowledge of the program(s) offered by the continuing professional education provider.
  • When more than one person is making the nomination, a Lead Nominator must:
    • Ensure all documentation is included providing clearance for public release, which includes the PMI Permissions Document and the PMI Professional Awards Program Release Form. (See Nomination Package Content section).
    • Assemble and submit the nomination package.
    • Ensure that the nomination package is complete at the time of submission. Incomplete nomination packages will not be evaluated.

Nomination Package Content

The nomination package, consisting of no more than seventeen pages, must contain the following:

  • A cover letter of no more than two pages that gives an overview of the following:
    • Description of how the provider has demonstrated a significant positive impact on its trainees/students.
    • Statement of how each of the criteria were clearly met or exceeded.
  • Continuing Professional Education Provider of the Year Application document (two pages or less for each criteria; minimum 10-pt type).
  • The supporting document must include the following:
    • Letters of support: A minimum of three, but no more than five, letters of support (one page per letter) from third parties, preferably students or organizations who received services from the provider, that fully describe why the education provider deserves the award. (included in stated page count maximum).
  • Letter of support shall be original, signed documents.
    • PMI Permissions & Release Form - not counted toward the stated page count maximum.
    • PMI Contact Information Form – not counted toward the stated page count maximum.


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