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PMI is committed to supporting project management application within governments worldwide. We opened our government relations office in Washington, DC in 2005 to support and encourage domestic and foreign agencies, ministries and parliamentary bodies to embrace the profession of project management. Our government relations team is now present in the Americas, Australasia, India, China, European Union, United Kingdom and the Middle East.

Our Mission

Mature project management increases the efficiency of federal projects and programs and saves taxpayer dollars. Our role is to raise the profile of project management as a profession within government workforces globally and with key members of parliamentary bodies and associated staffs. By building strategic relationships with government executives and legislative bodies, we seek to encourage adoption of best practices by policymakers leading to consistent, successful completion of projects and programs, and their associated delivery of goods and services.

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Improving Program Management in the Federal Government

  • Written in partnership with the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA), this white paper focuses on how to strengthen project and program management within the U.S. Federal government,…

Program Management Success in Government Case Studies

Key Accomplishments


Leveraging PMI Expertise:

Our subject matter experts helped shape efforts such as The DHS Acquisition Accountability and Efficiency Act, The Federal Information Technology & Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA), and the incorporation of global best practices and standards in project and program management into European Union (EU) common provisions legislations to bolster administrative capacity.

Establishing Project Management Best Practices:

Testifying before the US Senate Homeland Security Subcommittee on Emergency Management on how project management best practices and standards help improve the overall workforce and disaster response capacity.

Working with EU Institutions:

Establishing project management capacity as criteria for selecting beneficiaries of EU Cohesion and Structural funds, two key financial instruments of EU regional policy making available up to €366.8 billion to invest across the EU economy. As a result, project management will be at the forefront of leveling economic disparities between EU member states through 2020. 

Supporting Competency in Canada:

Collaborating with the Canadian Treasury Board Secretariat’s five-year policy review on project/program management in government, along with conducting a “crosswalk” analysis with the Canadian Department of National Defense on its recently completed competency development framework.

Improving Workforce Development:

Working with the White House’s Office of Management & Budget (OMB) via the Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP) to revise its policy on workforce development and recognition of the program and project management workforce

Assisting Reform in Scotland:

Working with the Scottish Government’s reforms and offering various recommendations for improvement in response to the Scottish Government Procurement Reform Bill. PMI was cited in the chamber of the Parliament.

Advocating in India:

Partnering with the India Backbone Implementation Network (IbIn), an important initiative of the Twelfth Five Year Plan established by the Planning Commission under the Government of India. And, developing proposals for project management advocacy for government employees within the Department of Personnel and Training and the Department of Public Enterprises.

Supporting Military, Veterans and Families

PMI is proud to partner with the United States Federal Government on an inspiring initiative known as Joining Forces. The Joining Forces program is a non-partisan national initiative led by the White House in support of service members, veterans and their families. 

The initiative is intended to mobilize public and private sectors to ensure that these individuals have the tools and resources they need to succeed throughout their lives. 

PMI and many of our United States-based chapters are getting involved in presenting service members and veterans with the many opportunities that project management has to offer. Engaging military personnel in project management is mutually beneficial as it is an excellent post-service career that is a great fit with many of the skills and disciplines learned in the service. It also helps to fill the gap of much-needed project management talent now and in the future

Take Your Military Experience and Transition to a Career in Project Management

  • Learn about how PMI and many of our United States-based chapters are getting involved in presenting service members and veterans with the many opportunities that project management has to offer.