PathPro® for Organizations

You can have the best talent in the world. But if there’s no future for them at your organization, they’ll take their abilities elsewhere.

PMI’s PathPro lets you identify and develop organization-specific career paths for your project management talent. Use PathPro to:

  • Create and customize job descriptions and job categories.
  • Develop career paths for your project managers.
  • Identify required skills and competencies for those jobs.
  • Complete skill assessments for project, program and portfolio management.
  • Create profiles to build successful project teams.

When you use PathPro, you avoid the risk of deploying your people haphazardly. By working with your employees to create career advancement plans and paths — and identify professional development to help them get there — you increase satisfaction and retention.

And with that comes increased project maturity — along with better project results.

To get your organization started with PathPro, register online to access all of the available resources and customize them to meet your needs.