PMI Linn Stuckenbruck Person of the Year Award


The PMI Linn Stuckenbruck Person of the Year Award is to recognize one PMI member for outstanding contributions to the development and advancement of the project management profession and contributions to the Project Management Institute in the previous calendar year.

Number of Awards

  • Only one PMI Linn Stuckenbruck Person of the Year Award will be granted annually.
  • PMI reserves the right not to select any recipients for a particular year if the evaluations performed indicate that nominations do not meet the stated criteria.


  • The nominee must be a current PMI member in good standing.
  • The nominee may work in any field, i.e., business, government, nonprofit, academia, research, consulting, training, etc.

Nomination Procedures

  • Nominations must be sent electronically to and must be received by the application deadline.
  • Self-nomination is not permitted.
  • The nominee must be nominated by at least four and not more than six PMI members, of which one shall serve as the Lead Nominator. Letters of nomination from all nominators must include the following:
    • Length of association with person nominated.
    • Description/documentation of the contribution(s) or achievement(s) for which the individual is being nominated.
    • Impact of these contributions on PMI and the profession.
    • Statement of recommendation for the award.
  • The Lead Nominator must:
    • Assemble and submit the nomination package.
    • Ensure that the nomination package is complete at the time of submission. Incomplete nomination packages will not be evaluated.
  • Please review PMI General Submission Guidelines.

Nomination Package Content

The nomination package, consisting of no more than 20 pages, shall contain:

  • The Linn Stuckenbruck Person of the Year Award Application document addressing each of the criteria that must be met (no more than 2 pages per criteria).
  • Letters of nomination, of no more than two pages each, from the Lead Nominator and each of the other four to six nominators.
  • PMI Permissions and Release Form signed by the nominee - not counted toward the page count maximum.
  • PMI Contact Information Form – not counted toward the page count maximum.

For More Information

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Recipients of the PMI Linn Stuckenbruck Person of the Year Award

2012: No award was presented

2011: No award was presented

2010: No award was presented

2009: No award was presented

2008: No award was presented

2007: Eric Norman, PMP, PgMP

2006: Frank Saladis, PMP

2005: Vilca Damiani, PMP

2003: Linda Salud Salac, MA, MIT

2001: Cynthia Berg, PMP

1998: David L.Pells, PMP, PMI Fellow

1996: William S. Ruggles, PMP

1995: Dr. J. Davidson Frame, PMP

1994: Rodney J. Dawson

1993: No Award Presented

1992: No Award Presented

1991: No Award Presented

1990: Brian Fletcher, PMI Fellow

1988: Dr. Francis M. Webster, Jr., PMP, PMI Fellow

1987: Douglas S. Egan, JR., PMI Fellow

1986: R. Max Wideman, PMI Fellow

1985: Kenneth O. Hartley, PMP, PMI Fellow

1984: Dr. Lewis R. Ireland, PMP

1983: Carl W. Strohl

1982: Regula A. Brunies

1981: David Morton

1980: Dr. J. Gordon Davis, PMI Founder, PMI Fellow

1979: Ivars Avots

1978: James R. Snyder, PMI Founder, PMI Fellow

1976: Dr. David C. Murphy