PMI Fellow of the Institute Award


The PMI Fellow of the Institute Award is the highest and most prestigious individual award presented by the Project Management Institute for service to the organization and profession.

Number of Awards

  • The number of PMI Fellow of the Institute Awards granted annually is not limited.
  • PMI reserves the right not to select a recipient for a particular year if the evaluations performed indicate that nominations do not meet the stated criteria.


  • The nominee must be a current PMI member in good standing.

Not Eligible

  • Self-nomination is not permitted.

Nomination Procedures

  • Nominations must be sent electronically to and must be received by the application deadline.
  • Self-nomination is not permitted.
  • The Lead Nominator shall be a PMI Fellow and a PMI member in good standing.
  • A PMI Fellow may serve as a Lead Nominator for up to two nominations per year.
  • Letters of nomination shall be submitted by the Lead Nominator plus a minimum of three and not more than five additional nominators.
  • The Lead Nominator and at least three of the additional nominators shall be PMI members in good standing. The remaining nominators do not require a PMI membership.
  • Each letter of nomination shall be signed by the author and shall be no more than two pages. Each letter must include:
    • Length of association with the nominee
    • Type of personal or professional relationship with nominee (e.g., component member, business associate, etc.).
    • Statements of his/her knowledge of the specific contributions made by the nominee, consistent with the PMI Fellow of the Institute Award criteria in the Award Application, that also identifies the impact of these contributions on PMI and the profession.
    • Statement of recommendation for the award
    • The nominator’s contact information (name, address, telephone, email, etc.).
  • Nominators shall be from different organizations/employers than that of the nominee and from each other. Nominators should be chosen to provide various perspectives of the nominee’s contributions. The Lead Nominator shall ensure that all documentation is accurately completed and submitted. Incomplete nomination packages will not be evaluated.
  • Please review PMI General Submission Guidelines.

Nomination Package Content

The nomination package, consisting of no more than 15 pages, shall contain the following:

  • PMI Fellow of the Institute Award Application document.
  • Letters of nomination of no more than two pages each from the Lead Nominator and from the other 3 – 5 nominators, which include:
  • A resume or curriculum vitae of the nominee may be included to expand the requested data and identify other professional accomplishments, but must include a summary document. The resume/curriculum vitae and summary document will not count toward the stated page count maximum.
  • PMI Permissions and Release Form signed by the nominee – not counted toward the stated page count maximum.
  • PMI Contact Information Form – not counted toward the stated page count maximum.

In the event of an unsuccessful nomination:

  • A new nomination package must be submitted in order for the nominee to be considered in subsequent years.
  • The number of times a member may be nominated is unlimited.

For More Information

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Recipients of the PMI Fellow Award

Brian Hobbs, PMP
Eric S. Norman, PMP, PgMP

Debra L. Miersma
Frank P. Saladis, PMP

Yanping Chen, MD, PhD, PMP
Mark Owen Mathieson, PE, PMP
Aaron J. Shenhar, PhD, PMP
Thomas Walenta, Dipl-Math., PMP

Alfonso Bucero, CSE, MSc, PMP
Philip R. Diab, MBA, PMP

David Hillson, PhD, PMP, HonFAPM, FIRM, FRSA

Ian Fraser, FPMINZ, PMP
James M. Gallagher, PMP
Lee R. Lambert, PMP
Deborah O'Bray
Karen Tate, MBA, PMP
Vijay Verma, MBA, PMP
Karen R. J. White MS, PMP

Louis J. Mercken, MBA, PMP
Julie M. Wilson, PMP

Michel Thiry, PMP

Helen S. Cooke, BA, MA, PMP
Saralee Newell, PMP
Rebecca Ann Winston, Esq.
Hugh Woodward, MBA, MSCE, PMP

Walter O. Bowman, PMP
J. Davidson Frame, PhD, PMP

J. Kent Crawford, PMP
Dr. Pierre M. Menard, Eng., MBA, PMP

Gerald Ostrander, PMP

David L. Pells, PMP
Ronald P.C. Waller, PMP, CEM
Robert L. Kimmons, PE, PMP

Harvey A. Levine
David H. Curling
Dr. Roger B. Glaser

Jenny Strbiak
Richard J. Balfour

Bryan R. A. McConachy, P.Eng., PMP

Elvin Isgrig
Mary Devon O'Brien, PMP
Robert Yourzak, PMP

Frederick A. Arnold, SE
Paul Dinsmore, PMP

J. D. "Kaay" Koch, PMP

Douglas S. Egan, Jr.
Dr. Francis M. Webster, Jr., PMP

Dr. Martin Dean Martin

Russell D. Archibald, PMP
Dr. Lewis R. Ireland, PMP
Charles Y. Lopinsky, PMP
James O'Brien, PMP
R. Max Wideman

Brian Fletcher

Dr. David I. Cleland
Henry F. Padgham, PMP

Earl W. Feight
Kenneth O. Hartley, PMP
Dr. Linn C. Stuckenbruck
Robert G. Staples

Regula A. Brunies

Dr. J. Gordon Davis, PMI Founder
David H. Morton
Dr. John R. Adams, PMP
Robert B. Gillis

Dr. John W. Fondahl
Eric Jenett, PMP, PMI Founder
Matthew H. Parry
James R. Snyder, PMI Founder