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There is no IT Outsourcing without a Transition: An Introduction to ITO Transitions Member Content
- by Stéphane Chalvin, PMP
An ITO transition is the complex first phase of the IT outsourcing contract that has strategic importance for the success of the contract. This paper provides an understanding of the transition phase along with the specific attributes that make an ITO transition different from many IT projects; and the key success factors to successfully achieving an ITO transition implementation.

Outsourcing IT Development: Monitoring the Six Dimensions Member Content
- by Kishor Chandra Das
Making outsourcing decisions work is one of the major challenges facing outsourcing managers. In order to monitor the progress and success of an outsourcing relationship, managers need a higher level of visibility of the work performed by the outsourced teams. This paper discusses the six dimensions needed to measure, monitor, and report, which can greatly improve the visibility and success of outsourcing projects.

Business Transitions: Establishing the Extended Business Center Member Content
- by P. Radhika Ravi, PMP
IT business transitions involve taking over the service delivery responsibility from an IT organization or an IT unit of a corporation and sending it offshore. Establishing an extended business center (EBC) is one of the operating models used in these strategic partnerships. This paper delineates the process of establishing an EBC for a leading European bank.

Out-Tasking Governance Tools for Development Activities: An Implementation Case Study Member Content
- by Christian Boesen, PMP
This article will describe the different components of a governance model for out-tasked development activities. The goal is to describe a framework that can be relatively easily adapted and deployed if needed. In this case, the framework was implemented for IT-related deliveries, but it can potentially be transferred to other business areas.

Working with Supplemental Off-Shore Resources Member Content
- by Thomas Krieman, PMP
This article focuses on the critical aspects of off-shoring by breaking them down into three categories: selection of the business partner, selection of the specific resources, and definition of the work. The article includes a discussion of technical and scheduling considerations to assist the project manager in making a project with off-shore resources successful.

How to Guarantee Quality Project Management When Outsourcing Projects Member Content
- by Peter Liebermann, PMP, and Amy LaClair, PMP
Properly managing the outsourcing of projects is essential to ensuring that organizations achieve the success they seek. There are several key elements to consider when outsourcing a project or portions of a project. This article will help identify the key aspects to consider prior to awarding a contract to a vendor.