Strategic Planning

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Learning From Our Experiences — How to Keep it Simple and Productive Member Content
- by Syed M. Zaidi, PMP
In the beginning, everyone in the small company did his or her part of the job and shared problems and results at the end of day. I was hired to bring about changes in the company and make it more structured and efficient while it was expanding. Joining as a project manager for this company, and one of only a small number of employees, I remember renovating and innovating at the speed of light, whereas on some days, our efforts to improve “continually” just didn’t seem to bear enough fruit.

Promoting the Value of Project Management Member Content
- by Steve Prickett, PMP
Project managers employed by firms that have never used a formal project management methodology can find themselves frustrated with an executive manager’s reluctance to embrace the project management discipline. In order to convince anyone of the benefits of the project management process, it is necessary to know the potential obstacles that could discourage a company from pursuing something new.

Strategy to Develop Project Management in a Low-Maturity Company Member Content
- by Nicolas De Dobbeleer, M.Sc., PMP
In industry segments where project management is not considered a core business, such as manufacturing, it can be more challenging to propagate project management best practices, even though at the individual level employees recognize that improvements should be made. It is even more difficult to promote the idea of a structured approach via a project management office. Project management maturity is typically not even at the standardization level in those companies: some processes exist but are not considered an enterprise standard.