Resources for Accredited Programs

GAC Annual Report

GAC accredited programs are required to submit an online report due 31 March of each year.

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Promote your GAC Accredited Program

Promote your GAC Accredited Program

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Substantive Change Policy

GAC accredited programs are required to notify the GAC prior to making a change that may impact the program's compliance with GAC accreditation standards.

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Review and Approval of New Programs

GAC accredited programs may apply to have additional, newly-developed programs accredited.

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GAC Reaffirmation of Accreditation

Every GAC accredited program must undergo a comprehensive re-evaluation and renewal of accreditation process at least once every seven years.

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Other Educational Resources

Visit to download curriculum, find profiles, and learn more about PMI resources for higher education.

LinkedIn Group

GAC Programs Private LInkedIn Group

Network with your colleagues at accredited programs and learn about activities and events taking place in the project management education community.

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