Agile Practices

Agile approaches to project management aim for early, measurable ROI through defined, iterative delivery of product increments. They feature continuous involvement of the customer throughout the product development cycle. Although agile has its roots in software and IT, agile adoption is growing and expanding in a wide range of industries.

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    Walk Before You Run placeholder image

    By Fewell, Jesse Anyone new to agile goes through a very bumpy progression: Nobody is perfect on day one. Agile practitioners have developed a rather esoteric shorthand for this progression borrowed from the idea of…

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    Agile Reckoning placeholder image

    By Rockwood, Kate Agile is everywhere. Agile is dying. The great debate over the future of agile is as lively as the one over whether it actually delivers all it promises. It still makes some organizations…

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    By Burba, Donovan The agile revolution always has been about the end user. The agile manifesto's first principle, after all, states that the top priority is satisfying the customer. Agile's iterative approach lets…

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    By Fewell, Jesse With the rising popularity of agile methods, we see more self-organizing teams and specialized roles creeping into project managers' responsibilities. This raises a question: what does the modern…

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    By Hendershot, Steve After years seemingly stuck on the horizon, virtual reality (VR) arrived in a big way in 2016. Brand-new headset devices from Oculus, Samsung and Sony finally hit the market—opening a new realm of…

Two Powerful Reasons to Blend Agile and Waterfall

Every project is different and a “one size fits all’ approach may not always be the right way. In this Problem Solver video, Dave Prior, PMP, PMI-ACP—Agile Consultant and podcaster, explains the benefits of blending agile and waterfall techniques, to get amazing results.

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