Agile Practices

Agile approaches to project management aim for early, measurable ROI through defined, iterative delivery of product increments. They feature continuous involvement of the customer throughout the product development cycle. Although agile has its roots in software and IT, agile adoption is growing and expanding in a wide range of industries.

  • Project Management Journal

    How Agile Practices Impact Customer Responsiveness and Development Success

    By Recker, Jan | Holten, Roland | Hummel, Markus | Rosenkranz, Christoph Agile information systems development methods have become popular; however, which specific agile practice to use remains unclear. We argue that three types of agile practices exist--for management,…

  • PM Network

    Covert Operation placeholder image

    By Fewell, Jesse If you're surrounded by those skeptical of or fed up with agile, advocating for a proper agile framework can be an uphill battle. You're likely to hear the same objections to agile approaches that I…

  • PM Network

    Agile Infusion placeholder image

    PM Network queries the project management community regarding what steps facilitate a transition to agile practices.

  • Project Management Journal

    From the Editor

    By Gemünden, Hans Georg Hans Georg Gemünden introduces the seven papers presented in the April/May edition of Project Management Journal.These articles touch on project teams, road mapping, infrastructure megaprojects,…

  • PM Network

    Corrective Measures placeholder image

    We asked the project management community: What lesson did you learn from a project management mistake? Responses include sponsor support not guaranteed, know the players, find the right fit, manage…

Two Powerful Reasons to Blend Agile and Waterfall

Every project is different and a “one size fits all’ approach may not always be the right way. In this Problem Solver video, Dave Prior, PMP, PMI-ACP—Agile Consultant and podcaster, explains the benefits of blending agile and waterfall techniques, to get amazing results.

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