In today’s fast-paced, competitive, dynamic environment, the challenging characteristics of programs and projects may be viewed as complexity. Efforts to navigate complexity include setting up the appropriate organizational structure, diligently researching programs or projects prior to approval, cultivating talent, fostering leadership, nurturing flexibility and being resilient.

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    Katie Hazard placeholder image

    Interview with Katie Hazard, San Francisco-based project manager for the Burning Man arts festival.

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    Taking the long view placeholder image

    By Rockwood, Kate Outer reaches of space will soon seem a bit closer: Organizations are rolling out massive telescope projects of a scale and scope never before seen. "It is indeed a golden age of astronomy," says…

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    Fairground for the world placeholder image

    By Landry, Meredith To stage a world's fair is to know that the whole world is watching -- and waiting -- for something big. Since the series of international expositions, or Expos, began during the mid-1800s, each…

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    Earth's final frontier placeholder image

    By Parsi, Novid Oceans cover 71 percent of the planet, but just 5 percent of that area has been explored. "We have surveyed the ocean floor in less detail than the surface of Pluto," says Chris MacLeod, PhD,…

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    Project management between will and representation placeholder image

    By Floricel, Serghei This article challenges some deep-rooted assumptions of project management. Inspired by the work of the German philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer, it calls for looking at projects through two…


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