In today’s fast-paced, competitive, dynamic environment, the challenging characteristics of programs and projects may be viewed as complexity. Efforts to navigate complexity include setting up the appropriate organizational structure, diligently researching programs or projects prior to approval, cultivating talent, fostering leadership, nurturing flexibility and being resilient.

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    Real Possibilities placeholder image

    By Swanson, Sandra A. The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) is real. And it's only going to intensify. By 2024, global investment in emerging AI technologies is projected to reach US$3 trillion -- up from…

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    Do Look Down placeholder image

    By Ali, Ambreen Here's a winning formula to take tourists to new heights: Build glass skywalks. Last year a burst of construction projects in China hoisted walkways alongside dramatic cliffs, atop skyscrapers and…

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    Innovation in Orbit placeholder image

    By Fister Gale, Sarah Earth's orbit is getting more crowded. The modern world's hunger for broadband, satellite radio and GPS systems means organizations are embarking on an increasing number of satellite projects. More…

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    A Seat in the C-Suite placeholder image

    PM Network interviews Louise Knabe, chief project officer at Ariadne Labs, Boston, Massachusetts, a nonprofit developing simple healthcare solutions for critical moments in people's lives:…

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    Celebration of the Century placeholder image

    Fans of the Chicago Cubs waited 108 years for the Major League Baseball team to win a World Series title. But the colossal celebration to mark the occasion was arranged in just one day. An estimated…


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