Future of Project Management

Project Management Circa 2025

What is the future of project management? What changes can you expect and how should you plan for growth?

In Project Management Circa 2025, published in 2009, editors David I. Cleland, PhD, PMI Fellow, Bopaya Bidanda, PhD, and 39 experts from around the world share their insights on what the future of the profession holds.

Get industry and geographic predictions. See how your management systems and processes may change. And learn how project management’s growth could lead to new frontiers, such as sustainable manufacturing, climate control and nanotechnology.

Use the features and interviews below as both an introduction to and a preview of the book. For more information on your project management future, pick up a copy of Project Management Circa 2025.

View the contents and preface, or read the introduction.

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Expert observations to help practitioners and organizations prepare for the future.

Project management associations will have to remain relevant to current-and future-members. Read More.

Project Managers in the Arabian Gulf region must expand their knowledge base-and be ready for change. Read More.

Research and development project managers are expanding their reach into the boardroom and across the globe. Read More.

The global search for renewable energy continues-and so do the projects. Read More.

Project management could improve the way U.S. state governments are run. Read More.

The Project Management Deployment Index provides a realistic depiction of how project management is faring in European nations. Read More.

India in 2025: The Role of Project Management in Meeting Opportunities and Threats. Read More.

Organizations are barely scratching the surface of potential for software — and project management itself. Read More.

Future leaders will need to change the way they manage their teams. Read More.

Project managers will have to play a key role in the growth of the profession within their organizations. Read More.

Project management will evolve to help push the boundaries of space exploration even further. Read More.

To survive now and thrive later, project managers have to consider social and cultural trends. Read More.

Author Interviews

Project Management Circa 2025 authors discuss the book and their predictions for the future of the profession.

Challenge of Managing Financial Services Projects. An interview with Howard Bruck, PMP, CIO of Hudson Valley Bank, Westchester, New York, USA. Read more.

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Emotional and Social Intelligence Competencies of Effective Project Managers. An interview with Richard Boyatzis, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

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The Future of Integration of Scientific Evaluation in Project Management. An interview with Edmund M. Ricci and Beth A.D. Nolan.

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The Likely Future of Project Management in the PACIFIC RIM circa 2025, with Brian R. Kooyman, director, global business at Tracey Brunstrom & Hammond Group, Sydney, Australia.

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The Deployment of Project Management: Global Trends in Project Management, with Storm Cunningham, CEO of Resolution Fund LLC, and author of the book reWealth [McGraw-Hill, 2008].

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