Business Process Management

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Project Management for Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) Projects Member Content
- by Shashank Tilak and Dr. Deepa Bhide, PMP
Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) projects are a distinct niche within the outsourcing industry. KPO projects create a reservoir of knowledge in the form of repositories, reports, and illustrations for the clients and end users by leveraging the core knowledge and abilities of the project teams that create them. This paper elaborates on facets of knowledge repositories and provides a framework for KPO project management.

Hotel Opening Processes in Greater China: An Analysis of the Problems and Issues Member Content
- by Gert Noordzy and Richard Whitfield, PhD
With China’s tourism and hotel industries booming, the bulk of hotel openings will be achieved through new built projects. This phenomenal growth requires international hotel management companies to completely rethink the way they open new properties in China. The authors argue that well-proven project management approaches are the best ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of opening hotels in China going forward; however, this will necessitate a significant organizational cultural change.

Process Improvement and Documentation: The Project From Heck
- by Ajay Widge, PMP
The documentation of processes and procedures is a much talked about subject in today’s business world. Numerous events in the corporate world have led to a heightened level of oversight. The author describes a project that included the documentation of existing policies in a bank with a global presence and preparation of a template for the documentation of operational procedures, with lessons learned during its execution.

Better Project Foundations Through Deal Assurance Member Content
- by Brian J. Odian, PMP
The best way to ensure that adequate time is allocated to the initiating and planning processes of a project is to ensure that project management groups have a stake in the deal assurance process. This article describes the benefits of involving the project management group of a company to create a strong and durable project that is based on a solid foundation.

The Real Meaning of Kaizen Member Content
- by Eri Swager, PMP
Kaizen is the Japanese word for "improvement" or "change for the better" and it refers to a philosophy or practices that focus on the continuous improvement of work processes. Kaizen is something anyone can easily adopt to be more effective at work. To help you get started, the author has compiled a list of four things you can do to become more effective by doing things "the Toyota way."

Reviving the Forgotten Process Member Content
- by Tareq Marmash
Information is power and to sustain this power, it needs to be documented. This article explains why documented processes are needed in any company and describes the steps for upgrading the documentation process. The author also explores the challenges of adopting new techniques and presents suggestions for ensuring company-wide cooperation.

The Project Management Pioneer and The QAD Pattern Member Content
- by Ramona Măduţa, PMP
This article explores the difficulties in implementing a project management activity in an existing organization; also presented here are the assumptions of a start scenario and a simple tool, the Question-Answer-Decision pattern (QAD), to use for making this start smoother and establishing the action priority.

Reinforcing Project Management in Functional Organizations with Business Process and Change Management Member Content
- by Shu-wing Pang, PMP
Organizational structures are an important enterprise environmental factor affecting the effectiveness of project management. Through a literature review and an actual business case, this article reveals how a functional organization structure limits project management practice. The article will then illustrate how proper business process and change management initiatives can be adopted to enhance the values of project management under such an organizational structure.

Foundation Not Formality: Why Certain Processes Should be Uncompromisingly Followed Member Content
- by H. Peter Schiller, PMP
If you can’t deviate from a process, you can’t be creative. Project management processes actively stifle creativity whenever an idea requires out-of-the-box thinking and discipline discourages flexibility. Processes are designed to limit individual creativity but not everything can be derived from a standard template. So, how do we ensure that our processes reconcile with reality?

Creating a Business Process Management (BPM) Center of Excellence Member Content
- by Robert D. Levy
Business process management (BPM) is not another three-letter shortcut to promises of improved efficiencies and optimization of business and technological tools, methods, or mantras. BPM is a consolidation of earlier management theories and practices, with the addition of the human element in business.

Successful CRM Systems Start with a Customer Focused Philosophy Member Content
- by Richard Bowden PhD, PMP
Organizations from different business sectors are using customer relationship management (CRM) systems to help boost sales and revenues. They may have mixed results in terms of their sales and revenues. Various aspects to help to ensure a successful CRM implementation are discussed in this article, taken from best practices and the author's personal experiences in reviewing existing CRM applications and implementing new ones.