Configuration Management

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Singing the Configuration Management Blues Member Content
- by Joel Kohler, PMP
Why do design changes, mismatched parts, repetitive safety problems, or high rates of returns allow some businesses to continue "in the pink," while other similar businesses suffer the blues? If problems like these are getting you down, you may have the "configuration management blues." Good configuration management is necessary to keep your products good, your projects on track, and your whole group playing together.

Configuration Management Primer for Project Managers Member Content
- by David Nessl, MBA, PMP
Ask most project mangers whether they use configuration management, or even what it is, and you'll most likely get a blank stare in return. How does CM actually contribute to change control? What value does CM add that would make a project manager want to use it? Should CM be used for all sizes and types of projects?

Virtual Configuration Management Member Content
- by Kent Gladstone, MSSE, MSIM, PMP, SAIC and Hayden Rolando, Editor
Configuration management (CM) is more than keeping a project inventory. It is the basis of project communication and controlling changes that affect the project, such as requirements or design change. With globalization, traditional CM is no longer a viable option. This paper explains the importance of CM to the project manager, and offers suggestions on how to digitize this discipline.