Corporate Culture

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Agile versus Aggressive Traditional Project Management: How Corporate Culture Drives the Project Management Styles of Two Different High-Tech Industries Member Content
- by Dorothy Golubski and Ken Skulina
In this article, the authors describe how two very different industries — enterprise cloud computing and government research and development — are leveraging varied methodologies to satisfy market demands. The agile-based project management used in the first case is compared with aggressive, concurrent engineering combined with traditional project management in the second case. The corporate cultures that influence each industry’s choice of methodology will be discussed.

Four Tips for Project Managers Working in an Entrepreneurial Environment Member Content
- by James Mowery
The purpose of this article is to give the project manager a few tips on what he or she should be doing in an entrepreneurial environment. These tips are framed in the context of operating in a small- to medium-sized business. Although these tips can be implemented during any phase of a business life cycle, they are most pertinent when the business is experiencing a growth phase.

Organizational Culture and Its Effects on Project Management Member Content
- by Sunil Raikhanghar, PMP, ITIL, SSGB, CSM
Organizational culture is made up of the attitudes, values, beliefs, and behaviors of its employees and underlying assumptions. If an organization's culture is not supportive of project management, project management tends to be viewed as an additional burden and interference to the daily work. If there is no effective project management office and no standard processes, procedures, measurement, and organization culture across projects, projects will operate differently from one project to the next as well as from one department to the next. Project culture within an organization can essentially can make or break the projects undertaken by that organization.

Project Management and Bureaucratic Culture Member Content
- by Sasi Kumar, I.S.P., PMP
Bureaucratic culture is a key factor in an organization's overall behavior and existence. It affects everything from decision-making processes to morale to project deliverables. In a survey conducted by the American Management Association (AMA), along with their global affiliates, it was found that "positive corporate cultures are associated with the greater facilitation of change initiatives." The survey further found "positive corporate cultures are more receptive to change and adapt quickly to meet new challenges," as opposed to strong cultures, which are resistant to change.