Disaster Recovery Projects

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Post-Conflict Capacity-Building Projects in a United Nations Environment Member Content
- by Kashif Basheer Khan, PE, PMP
The selection of projects and effective project management assumes a critical importance in the fast recovery of a nation that has recently come out of a war or war-like situation. Describes and gives examples of projects in the immediate post-conflict phase classified as quick impact projects (QIPs) or winning heart and mind projects (WHAMs); projects in the medium-stabilization phase to take baby steps toward self reliance and inhibit the chances of re-ignition of hostilities; and long-term capacity building projects geared toward achieving long-term stability.

Project Management and Planning in Telecommunication Restoration Projects: The Key to Success in Flood Disaster Recovery Member Content
- by Muhammad Javeed Sarwar, PMP, PE
Most restoration and re-construction projects are managed and planned in a professional manner, with proper planning in project management being the key to their success. In this article, we will focus on projects relating to the restoration of telecommunication infrastructure in flood-affected areas.

Application of Project Management Techniques in Education Empowering Projects for Emergency / War-Affected Regions Member Content
- by Muhammad Javeed Sarwar, PMP, PE
The communities confronted with disaster, destruction, and displacement in any part of the world are faced with numerous challenges. In most cases, the impact of disaster is greatest for women and children, second only to the destruction of civic infrastructure .The launching of relief projects that include well planned and organized education projects not only assist in enhancing the educational level and skill development of children, but also reduce the their psychological trauma.

Application of Project Management Principles in Telecommunications Restoration Projects in Earthquake-Affected Areas Member Content
- by Kashif Basheer Khan, PMP
Most relief and rehabilitation work following earthquakes begins as projects. The application of project management principles in these projects helps channelize the work into a systematic and coordinated effort having maximized output and expeditious delivery. This article discusses telecommunication restoration projects in earthquake-affected areas.