Integration Management

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The Gemstone Approach to Integration Management: Keeping the Gelatin Mold Intact Member Content
- by Len Gambla, PMP, CPA
The gemstone model illustrates how managing a project does not follow a linear sequence. With the gemstone model, it is possible to start with almost any edge (knowledge area process) and examine how that particular process affects any other. The role of the project manager is to map out the various edges of the project’s gemstone and ensure they are integrated.

A Simple Process for Project Management! Project Management in "Plain English" Member Content
- by Susan Hilty, PMP
Simplify! This article explains how the six questions used to tell a story, Who? What? Why? When? Where? and How?, can define your project and be the foundation for success. If you are looking for a template with which to form your project plan, put these words into a word document, an Excel spreadsheet, or a project plan and get started.

Project Integration in a Telecommunications Environment Member Content
- by Pius Anton Christopher, PMP, CITP
This article looks into practical integration situations in telecommunication projects and the strategies developed for overcoming them. It will also offer hindsight into various types of telecommunication projects with both fixed and mobile operators.

Dynamic Project Management Framework: A Brief Approach to the PMBOK® Guide Execution Member Content
- by Andrés Falcón, PMP
A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) is the master book for project managers, however, it is often subject to personal interpretation. This paper presents the conceptual steps needed to use the PMBOK® Guide processes in accordance with the projects that need it. It is about the integration Knowledge Area, and it covers why phases of a project life cycle should not be considered as a part of the Project Management Process Groups referenced in the PMBOK® Guide. It also explains how to use the processes groups within the project life cycle.