Project Human Resource Management

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Business Demands and Project Managers’ Skills: A Quest for the Right Fit Member Content
- by Enrique Sevilla, PMP
This article describes an approach to answer a recurring question from upper level management: Do we have the right people managing our projects? It provides a systematic tool to determine whether there is a good fit between business needs and the project managers’ skill profiles. The resulting action plan may provide the required starting point to improve the efficiency of the project management workforce.

Throughput Yield of Staffing for IDIQ Task Order Contracts Member Content
- by Mark E. Salesky, PMP
Commonly released with little or no advance notice, task order contracts are notoriously difficult to staff. The author’s “Progressive Staffing Implementation” pushes the recruiting process far earlier than the announcement of an individual task order and uses Six Sigma techniques to provide planning guidance for the throughput recruiting needed for successful staffing.

White Paper: Formulating Project Strategy Member Content
- by Daniel P. Brunton, MBA, DBA, PMP
Projects are strategic in orientation through delivering outcomes and benefits related to an organization’s strategic goals. The best way to ensure individuals, teams, and organizations understand strategy, is to involve them in developing it. This paper assesses how companies can align individuals and teams with organizations, together with processes that support them, so that projects are set up for success

Interviewing — The Hidden Project Management Weapon Member Content
- by Samantha Bethke, PMP
Assembling the right team is almost as important as all of the other project management tasks you will tackle throughout the life cycle of your project. The author recommends thinking of the team as a holistic organism, a single body that has to work as one entity, and offers some tips for pulling together a great team.

Service Level Measurements Member Content
- by David T. Schmidt, PMP
This article covers the steps involved in assisting sourcing teams in the understanding and development of SLAs, SLOs, and OLAs associated with their sourcing activities. Sourcing activities include both internally retained and externally out-tasked or outsourced work responsibilities. This article is applicable to both. The author uses the example of an outsource decision for an IT Help Desk.

Sourcing Strategy and the Project Manager? Member Content
- by David Schmidt, PMP
What does "sourcing" mean? My perception had always been that it meant outsourcing; however, what I discovered, was that sourcing really means the optimal placement of work internal or external to a company to meet its business goals and objectives. A sound sourcing strategy helps assure both the operational and cost effectiveness of the enterprise, which is a huge factor in today’s economy. Robust sourcing strategies require sound project management skills. In this article, you will learn the process model, which is similar to the PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT cycle you already know, as well as understand the critical issues you must think about to successfully manage one of these projects.

Effective Role Transitioning in Projects Member Content
- by Bala Gopalakrishnan, MBA, PMP, CPIM
Project managers are often faced with a situation in which incumbent resources leave the project and new resources need to be transitioned into that role. Without proper role transitioning, project productivity will be hampered in the short term and the knowledge capital held by the incumbent resource lost forever in the long term. Project managers need to effectively manage the role transitioning so as to make the transition seamless and minimize project risk. This article examines this issue from various perspectives.