Project Success

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Closing out Projects: When “Done” Means Done Member Content
- by Ralph Aiello, MBA, PMP
Closing out a project should represent the end of a project manager’s involvement. But is it really that simple? This article explores the factors that make it difficult for the project manager to close out the project on the last day and provides guidelines to help make that day a successful one and allow the project manager to step gracefully toward the exit.

Dead on Delivery: How A Successful Project Failed Member Content
- by Jesse Wilkinson, PMP
There are those rare projects that move along perfectly; they achieve every milestone and are fully successful by every measure of cost, quality, timeliness, functionality, and usability. Yet, after delivery they wither into oblivion, unused and forgotten. A look at the rise and fall of just such a project can help identify the missing ingredients needed for real success.

The Elusive Concept of Project Success: Introducing the Endeavor Success Matrix Member Content
- by Terry Deacon, PMP
Measuring project success is a key aspect of project management. The author finds the traditional metrics for classifying projects as successful or not misleading and proposes a different approach for measuring project success. The Endeavor Success Matrix permits drilling down to find out what the success criteria for an endeavor were, to what extent they were achieved, and reading a brief comment on each.