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Quality Management for Embedded Software Member Content
- by D. Mari Rengarajam, PMP
Quality process has to be built into a project and should not be seen as a waste of time or cost. The time invested in developing quality software is the best time to earn the reputation and goodwill of the customer, and the cost invested is the cost of reducing rework. In this article, we will see how and what needs to be considered for embedded software development to plan, execute, and control quality.

Six Sigma in the Service Industry: A Process-Driven Approach to Advancing Quality Member Content
- by Saurabh Kumar Shrivastava, PMP, Six Sigma Green Belt
Although the original focus of Six Sigma was on manufacturing, today it is widely accepted in both service and transactional processes. Successful Six Sigma projects lead to improved customer satisfaction, process predictability, and increased profits. This article examines the benefits of the Six Sigma approach, pros and cons of the Six Sigma strategy, and includes four critical steps for implementation.

Impact of Quality in Project Management Member Content
- by Shobhit Shrotriya
Many projects are unsuccessful and fail to get completed within budget and timelines. One of the underlying causes for their failure can be attributed to unaligned and weak processes that result from a combination of problems such as feeble project management, poor cost estimation, poor planning and scheduling, inadequate requirements management, and inappropriate contingency planning, as well as many others. To maximize a project's performance and enhance the probability of its success, every organization needs to build a better project management process dedicated to meeting the customer's most important needs.

Certifying a Project Management Quality System to the ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management Standard Member Content
- by Joachim Pfeiffer, PMP, Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.
This paper is a "lessons learned" from a successful certification of organizational project management practices to the ISO 9001:2000 quality management standard in 2007. It provides an impression of the challenges and approaches taken to achieve certification to the standard.