Requirements Management

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When the Requirements Collection and Analysis are the Whole Project Member Content
- by Gianmarco Panza, PMP
This article describes the requirements management process in a project of realizing a new apartment complex for visually impaired (including blind) people.  The author demonstrates how complete and accurate requirements capture, using effective channels of communication, enables the creation of accurate task and project estimations leading to higher levels of user satisfaction. 

Keep the Customer Happy Member Content
- by Anuj Setya, PMP
In a customer-service provider relationship, there is a great deal that the service provider can do to make the relationship productive and vibrant from a project management perspective. Dedication to understanding the customer is key. This means understanding not only the customer's needs, but also the customer himself or herself. Understanding the customer requires thinking about what a requirement means to the customer. And requirements might not mean the same thing to the customer as it does to the project manager.

Blind Spots in Requirements Engineering Member Content
- by Nandita (Nita) Kanjirath, PMP
There are a number of blind spots on the road to requirements engineering that often derail projects and go unnoticed until it is too late to recover from the damage. This article lists some of the common mistakes made during project execution and provides approaches on how to avoid them.

Copy and Paste Specifications: When One Size Does Not Fit All Member Content
- by Matthew Aquino, PMP
Your car stops running. Confused, you open up the owner’s manual only to see that it refers to an entirely different car. Although this is an extreme example, this is what happens on many projects when the specifications are copy and pasted from similar previous projects. Through lessons learned from recent events and a large project, this article will show how the lack of detailed specifications can ruin a project from the start.

Visualizing Product Requirements and Specification Member Content
- by Faraz A. Siddiquie
Project managers, sponsors, and engineers are spending more time on requirements gathering, analysis and agreement than they have in the past. These stakeholders have come to realize that clearly defining and agreeing upon the requirements or specifications of the product is vital for project success and product acceptance.

A Project Manager's Perspective: The Importance of Early and Thorough Requirements Capture Member Content
- by Varun Poddar, PMP
If you don't know where you are headed, you never know where you may end up. Often in projects, stakeholders give the team a wish list summing up the key "ingredients" needed for a project to succeed. It is up to the project team to seek details in order to clearly understand stakeholders' requirements and meet their objectives.