Virtual Teams

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A Strategic Approach to Enterprise 2.0 Member Content
- by Francine Gignac, MBA, MAOM, PMP
Enterprise 2.0 software platforms offer opportunities for project teams to collaborate more efficiently with the promises of increased innovation, greater productivity, and agility. This paper presents a history of electronic collaboration, a proposal for a strategic approach to the selection of the collaborative technology for the virtual teams across the organization, and the steps in selecting the vendor.

The Virtual Project Manager: Seven Best Practices for Effective Communication Member Content
- by Hassan Osman, PMP
With the surge in telecommuting practices, the twenty-first century project manager faces increasingly more complex challenges in managing his or her team. This white paper discusses the challenges faced by the virtual project manager and specifies the best practices that should be employed for effective communication, including establishing a clear communication plan, accounting for informal discussions, mastering the technology used, conducting structured meetings and leveraging email as an efficient tool.

How to Make Virtual Teams Work Successfully Member Content
- by Kunal Sen, PMP
In the modern-day reality of global corporations, outsourcing, and a vehement emphasis on productivity, virtual teams (also known as “geographically dispersed teams”) are commonplace; even small companies have embraced virtual teams as a result of their outsourcing operations to other companies. Technological innovation and the very low cost of communication have enabled companies to overcome physical distance as an obstacle to doing business, or have they? There are multiple facets to making a virtual team work. This paper focuses on communication issues for a distributed team.

Critical Success Factors for Remotely Managing Global Project Teams Member Content
- by Peter Leung, PMP
More often than not, little time and thought are allocated to planning and preparing how to best manage the people on a project team. Managing the project team is usually addressed as part of managing the project: there will be team-related events in the project plan, in addition to project work tasks that are assigned to the project team members. How effective is it to manage the people on a remote project team in this manner?

How's Your Distributed Team Doing? 10 Suggestions from the Field Member Content
- by Mario Bourgault, Ph.D., PMP and Nathalie Drouin, MBA, Ph.D
You've just been assigned to a team with members from all over the world. Where do you start? This article pinpoints the Top 10 list of actions that are vital to distributed teams today, based on a survey of 150 project professionals.