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Advice for Organizations

3 Tips for Measuring Training
Organizations spend plenty on skills development. Here’s how to make sure those programs deliver.

Talent Triage
Creative talent management helped three global organizations fill critical skill gaps on project teams.

Talent Gold Rush
As the demand for global project talent soars, organizations must dig deeper to find skilled candidates. pdf icon

Steal this Strategy
PMI’s Talent Management: Powering Strategic Initiatives in the PMO identified three ways strategic talent leaders set themselves apart from the pack.

Wanted: The Right Executive Sponsor
Based on PMI Pulse of the Profession® research, our infographic describes how organizations can increase sponsor engagement.

Finding the Cultural Fit
Megacorporation or tiny upstart, every organization has its own culture. Here’s how to find the right project manager match.

Rethink Talent Retention
Learn how to identify top project performers — and keep them on board.

Reenergizing Project Managers
When a project manager’s performance slips, lackluster engagement may be the culprit.

Empower Your Virtual Project Managers
Organizations can make virtual project managers just as effective as those in the office.

4 Ways to Recruit and Retain Millennials
Build the next generation of project talent with these tactics for engaging young practitioners.

Making of Organizational Change Management Agents
Three project practitioners offer an inside look at a change management initiative that helped their organizations and careers.

3 Insider Tips for Building Top Project Talent
Help your practitioners become project superheroes.

Wanted: A Better Job Posting
Nab the right project talent by crafting a well-done job ad. Unlock tips from experienced recruiters in our interactive feature.

5 Tips to Build a Happy Healthy Team
Use these tips to increase commitment and collaboration on your project team.

Employment Landscape

Opportunities Knock
Project and program managers can find their next career break if they know where the action is. Three hot sectors will drive more projects in the future. pdf icon

Career Watch: The Internet of Things
Get ready for a brave new frontier of data-drenched projects powered by a network of billions of embedded sensors and connected devices.

Market to Watch: Nigeria
To maneuver project challenges and excel in Nigeria’s growing economy, seek project managers with these skills…

Asia’s New Building Boom
As the construction industry expands in Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines, so do the project management opportunities.

Plug Into a Career in Renewable Energy
Learn what skills you need to stand out in three fast-growing renewable energy sectors. icon infographic pm

Is it Time for a Chief Project Officer?
Only 6% of organizations have a project professional in the executive suite — but those who do can reap big benefits. icon infographic pm

Job Market to Watch: Latin America
Here is a look at four countries in Latin America that offer plenty of career opportunities for project managers. icon infographic pm

Big Data Offers Big Career Opportunities
What skills do project managers need to jump into the booming big data field?

Career Outlook: Healthcare IT
As the U.S. healthcare system gets an overhaul, the prognosis looks good for IT project professionals. icon infographic pm

Women in Technology: Do Men Still Dominate in IT?
The gender gap still persists in IT. Here’s how organizations and women can close it. icon infographic pm

Synergy of Project and Program Managers
Program managers and project managers share some of the same skill sets, which opens career paths for project managers.

Chief Digital Officer: A New Career Opportunity for Project Practitioners
Organizations must align digital and business strategies, and project practitioners are perfectly positioned to help.

Can Program Managers Make It to the Executive Suite?
Program managers can make it to the top if they have stellar skills in communication, leadership and negotiation.

Must-Have Job Skills for IT Project Managers
Changes in the marketplace mean that IT project professionals will need a new skill set that includes cloud computing and agile.

Overcome Age-Related Career Plateaus
Use your knowledge to show hiring managers you’re the best person for the job.

Must-Have Skill: Agile
Here’s how to build your expertise in agile practices— and show it off to employers.

Assess People Skills in Project Managers
How can companies spot candidates with the necessary soft skills?

Impact of Business Trends on Your Career
Six tips to help you navigate current market trends for continued project and career success.

PMI Credential Holders in Demand
Check out what organizations are looking for credentialed project professionals for open positions.

New Rules of Job-Hopping
Switching jobs frequently can actually benefit you — and employers.

Hot Project Sector to Watch: Government
Project management is booming in the government sector. Do you have what it takes to land a job?

Hot Project Sector to Watch: Healthcare Technology
Do you have what it takes to break into healthcare IT?

Project Management Weathers the Recession
Even as many professions cut back, project management proves buoyant.

Careers in IT Are Going Green
Although still relatively new, green IT is poised for significant growth.

Take Advantage of the Talent Gap
Deloitte & Touche executives discuss how you can fill the increasing IT demand.

Wanted: Project Practitioners in Emerging Markets icon infographic pm
Get insights from practitioners in Argentina, Brazil, Poland, South Africa and South Korea.

IT Project Managers Gain More Responsibility
Despite stagnant IT budgets, a new study by Gartner shows opportunities abound for project managers.

Landing Work in the Government Sector
The public sector is booming with projects, but you need a proven track record to win the job.

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Insiders' View

Crossing Borders
If you want to work abroad, show you have the dedication and drive to manage in different countries and cultures.

Creativity in Demand
A dash of creativity can foster inspiration — and solve project problems.

Tips to Win Over A New Boss
You need more than stellar project results to impress new supervisors and stakeholders. Now is the time to showcase your soft skills.

5 Project Management Career Hacks
Learn how these simple tricks of the trade can help you get ahead in your career.

3 Ways to Get Ahead in Project Management
Attendees from PMI® Global Congress 2013—North America offer these tips for career growth.

Career Q&A
PM Network’s Lindsay Scott answers your #PM job questions — in 140 characters or less.

Kick Off Your Career Right with a Strong LinkedIn Presence
Our step-by-step guide will help new project professionals create a stand-out profile. icon infographic pm

Project Consultants: Why You Might Break Some Résumé Rules
A project management consultant’s work history can get complicated. Here’s how to show it off.

6 Ways to Relieve the Pressure of a Promotion
The move from team member to project leader can be stressful. Here’s how to make the leap smoothly.

Defining Moments in a Project Management Career
Find out what Community Post readers felt were their career-defining moments.

Career Stages in Project Management
Three project professionals discuss the challenges and benefits that can arise at different phases of your career.

4 Valuable Skills to Break Into Project Management
Find out if you have what it takes to excel in this growing profession.

Tales From the Project Management Job Market
Recently hired project professionals share their tales from the job-search front.

At Work with David West, WSP Group, London, England
A U.K. project leader builds a successful career by picking the projects that interest him.

5 Women’s Advice for Project Managers
Five women share their career paths and provide advice for project managers of either gender.

Don’t Let Project Politics Derail Your Career
Three project professionals share their advice on how to effectively manage workplace politics.

Bad Leaders: How Project Team Members Survived
Find out how seven project practitioners dealt with an unbearable manager — and how you can, too.

Take the Next Step in Your Project Management Career
Five seasoned project professionals share their secrets for moving up the ranks.

Inside Look at an Advanced Project Manager's Résumé. icon infographic pm
A real-world example of what an advanced project manager’s résumé should — and shouldn’t — include.

My Worst Project
Project managers share their professional horror stories and the lessons learned along the way.

From the Experts: Career Advice for Advanced Project Managers
Four seasoned project professionals share their secrets to building a successful project management career.

What Does it Take to be a Program Manager?
Established veterans advise up-and-coming project managers on making the jump to program manager.

Why Did You Become a Project Manager?
Five project managers discuss what led them into project management.

Your Dream Job in Project Management
Not everyone gets the job of their dreams — but here’s how you can.

An Advanced Project Manager's Career Path icon infographic pm
Take a journey through the trials and triumphs of a seasoned project management veteran.

The Accidental Project Manager
Three people tell how they stumbled into project management and discovered a great career.

Behind the Scenes with 5 Project Managers icon infographic pm
Project managers are finding career opportunities in a great variety of fields, even unexpected ones.

Doing Good for the World - and Your Career
Volunteer work on disaster-relief projects allow project managers to gain experience while giving back.

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Interview Skills

Beyond the Résumé
Dig deeper during the interview to find candidates with the best fit for your project team.

Job Interview Follow-up Formula
Keep your momentum after a job interview. Follow up effectively with these expert tips.

Landing the Informational Interview
Getting your foot in the door can hinge on who you know and how you approach them.

3 Questions You Probably Didn’t Prepare For
Project professionals must be ready for all sorts of interview questions — the good, the bad and even the weird.

3 Foolproof Follow-Up Strategies
Following up after an interview can make the difference in a lengthy job search or a start date.

Seal the Deal in the Interview
Think you’re the best project person for the job? Prove it in your interview.

5 Tips for the Post-Interview Follow-Up
You may have aced the interview, but what you do after may be just as important.

4 Do’s and Don’ts to Ace a Phone Interview
It’s tempting to treat phone interviews more casually, but you still need to be prepared.

Master the Interview
Interviews won’t feel like interrogations if you practice these tough questions ahead of time.

You’re Not an Unemployed Project Manager, You’re Between Successes podcast icon
Marshall Brown discusses how project managers can position themselves positively and keep up morale during the job search.

How to Discuss Your Project Management Experience in Job Interviews
When you interview for a job as a project manager, be prepared to tackle some pointed questions.

5 of the Toughest Interview Questions
And how project managers can answer them with ease.

Stand Out from the Crowd
John Challenger discusses how project managers can show off their strengths more effectively.

Ultimate Interview Gaffes icon infographic pm
With a little confidence and preparation, project managers can avoid these six common blunders

Must-Have Interview Skills for Your Career
Experts offer their advice for making the right impression during your next interview.

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Keys to Success

3 Tips for “Leading Up”
Project managers need to lead their teams — and their leaders. Here’s how you can aim high.

3 Bad Habits to Break
Replace these bad habits with better ones before they interfere with your project management career.

Security Force
As IT security breaches grow, project practitioners equipped with these skills can offer organizations better protection.

One-Track Mind
Move over, multitasking. There’s a new skill to master for boosting efficiency, productivity—and your résumé.

Mistake? Solution.
Find out how to bounce back from three mistakes that commonly occur in project management.

Tips for Building Your Brand on SlideShare
Social media site SlideShare helps you share your rich project management knowledge — and your professional brand.

Remote Control
Use these three tips to ensure that working from home doesn’t sideline your career.

All in a Twitter
As Twitter résumés gain ground, learn how to tout your project skills in 140 characters or less.

3 Must-Have Communications Skills
Master the art of communications for better projects and a strong track record.

Dealing with Job Remorse
Regretting a career move? Don’t plan your escape just yet.

A Coach in Your Corner
Career coaches can open doors to professional and personal opportunities — if you know what to ask of them.

Tips for an Elevated LinkedIn Profile
Showcase years of experience on a profile that packs a punch.

3 Tips for Enhancing Performance with Reviews
Instead of just evaluating project professionals’ past performance, motivate them.

3 Tips to Make Your Résumé Pop
Impress hiring managers by dressing up your résumé with these effective design elements.

Three Must-Have Skills for Portfolio Managers
Is portfolio management the right career move for you? Here are the top skills you need.

4 Ways to Know if an Organization Fits Your Career
Even if a position sounds great, project practitioners must determine whether the organization is a match, too.

6 Tips to Stand Out at a Virtual Career Fair icon infographic pm
These tips will help project professionals shine in an online crowd.

New Résumé Rules
Think you know how to write the perfect résumé? Put your knowledge to the test.

Avoid Conflict with Your Project Sponsor
Advance your career by engaging — and not enraging — project sponsors.

Recruit Your Next Program Manager Internally
Sometimes the best person to manage your programs is right in front of you.

Anatomy of a Healthy Résumé
Here’s an anatomical breakdown to help you craft the best résumé possible.

Job Search Guide for a Project Professional’s Career
See our interactive, step-by-step guide for the job-seeking project practitioner.

Move Up the Project Ranks
Get the promotion you deserve in these four steps.

Must-Have Career Skill: Emotional Intelligence
Mastering your emotions and your interpersonal relationships could be your greatest career asset.

5 Tips for Mastering the Project Manager’s Cover Letter
Make sure that your cover letter is working for you — not against you.

Conquer the Project Management Career Plateau
Stay fresh and passionate about project management with these four tips.

5 Résumé Deal Breakers
What are the common mistakes you want to avoid on your project management CV or résumé?

How to Handle Difficult Project Team Members
Don’t let a problem team member sabotage your career.

Juggling Your Job and School
Learn to balance the demands of earning a degree with those of your career.

Looking to Move Up? Find a Career Sponsor
Meet the person every project manager should have in his or her career corner.

3 Tips to Successfully Lead Distributed Teams
Dispersed teams provide several advantages to projects, but they also present unique challenges.

Decode the Project Management Job Posting
Need help deciphering what that job description really means?

Successful Conflict Management for Your Career
These three elements will help you resolve conflict effectively — and not at the expense of your career.

7 Ingredients for a Great Cover Letter icon infographic pm
Your cover letter could mean the difference between getting an interview and being ignored.

Retain Your Star Project Managers
Does your organization have what it takes to keep your best project talent?

You’re in Charge — Now What?
Do you have what it takes to lead?

Did You Hire the Wrong Project Team Member? Now What?
Here's how you can deal with hiring disasters — and how to avoid them in the first place.

Gain Visibility in Your Project Management Career
Lindsay Scott, Arras People, writes that new project managers need to stay visible to get ahead.

Advice to Groom Your Next Program Managers pdf icon
Here’s how to groom internal project managers for their next career path.

4 Tips to Create a Standout LinkedIn Profile
Organizations increasingly use LinkedIn to recruit talent for open positions. So how can you get noticed?

2011 Project Management Career Resolutions
Ten project managers share their professional resolutions with Career Central.

5 Tips for Mentoring Senior-Level Project Managers
Mentoring can play a crucial role in your career — even if you’re a veteran project professional.

Reentering the Workplace pdf icon
Returning to your project management career can be tricky after a bout of unemployment, so be prepared.

Enhance Your Digital Footprint icon infographic pm
Everything you post online is accessible to future employers. Don’t let digital dirt derail your job search.

5 Project Management Programs from Around the World
See if one of these project management education programs can boost your career.

10 Insights for True Success as a Project Manager pdf icon
How can project managers demonstrate the required leadership in a challenging project environment?

Make the Most of Your Performance Review
Now’s the time to showcase your achievements and accomplishments.

A New Way to Leverage Your Project Management Skills pdf icon
Join the board of directors of not-for-profit organizations to add rich experience to your career.

Battling Sexism in IT Project Management
Women in IT don’t have to leave their careers behind before they can get ahead.

Time to Refresh Your Résumé? pdf icon
You have only a few seconds to catch an employer’s attention — will your résumé land at the top of the stack?

4 Tips for Making a Good First Impression pdf icon
Kick-start your project management career with four steps to win over your new team.

Hone Your Interpersonal Skills to Climb the Career Ladder pdf icon
It takes more than technical skills to achieve success in project, program or portfolio management.

Pick the Projects to Boost Your Career pdf icon
It helps to know which projects are more likely to enhance your career.

4 Must-Have Traits for Project Managers
The hiring freeze is thawing, as long as you have what companies are really looking for.

Guide Your Project Management Career icon infographic pm
Career coach Sherri Thomas on how to become indispensable, land a new job and get a raise in today’s economy

Can Poor Team Morale Affect Your Career? pdf icon
It’s often left to project managers to pick up the pieces of a deflated team.

Make Your Mark as a Project Manager pdf icon
Project managers must create and market their own personal brands to stand out from the pack and advance their careers.

5 Essentials Rules for Project Leaders
Managing successful projects is vital to a successful career. These crucial skills help you get the job done.

What You Need to Succeed in Project Management
Three executives discuss what skills organizations are looking for in new project managers.

Saving Your Career After a Failed IT Project
If you can turn it into something positive, a project gone wrong doesn't have to damage your career.

Can Constructive Criticism Improve Your Career? pdf icon
When properly delivered, negative feedback can be surprisingly positive for project managers.

Motivate Your Team for Project Success
Find out how project managers can effectively reward their teams in tough economic times.

Quick Quiz: How Can You Prepare for Your Future in Project Management?
The job market will change dramatically over the next 10 to 15 years. Will you be ready?

Seven Tips for Making the Most of Every Team Member
Recognizing your team members' strengths and weaknesses can make you a better project manager.

Team Leadership During a Time of Constraint
Project managers must find the right people, communicate openly and keep the focus on project tasks.

Are You a "Stractical" Project Manager?
Increasingly, you must think strategically and bridge the gap between the strategic and the tactical.

Working in Today's Lean Environment
Project managers who learn to work with today's lean reality can come out stronger for it.

3 Ways to Position Yourself as an Expert
Ready to move into leadership? You know you're qualified - now convince the people who matter.

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The Feeling is Mutual
Become a mentor or mentee and enjoy rewards that are well worth the effort.

What Do Mentors Have to Gain? Plenty.
Use lessons learned from mentoring up-and-coming project professionals to move your career forward.

Coach New Project Practitioners to Career Success
Mentoring inexperienced team members can be a career win — for you and the newcomers.

Mentoring Role Reversal
Younger practitioners can teach veterans a thing or two — and that may benefit both of their careers.

Find Your Mentor Online
Project managers may find that a trusted career guru is only a click away.

Online Mentors Can Help Your Career
Young project managers are turning to virtual mentors for targeted career guidance.

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Casting a Wider Net
Networking at professional conferences can help you create the connections you need for career advancement.

4 Ways to Mine Your Network
Project managers should reconnect with former colleagues to land a new job.

Conquer Your Networking Fears
Learn how to break out of your shell and make the connections that can help advance your career.

Power of In-Person Networking
Even in today's Web 2.0 world, project managers still have to put in some face time.

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New to project management

How to Break into Project Management
Determine if project management is the right career choice for you and find an opportunity in the profession. [Video 3:23]

A Head Start
When university graduates hone the right skills, opportunities await in project management.

8 Tips for “Newbie” Project Managers
Hit the ground running as soon as you land your dream project management role with these career tips. icon infographic pm

Assemble Your First Project Team
Your first move as a new project manager will be building a project team. How do you do it?

5 Steps for Aspiring Project Managers
Here are a few tips to help you become a project manager or get started as a member of a team.

8 Career Tips for “Newbie” Project Managers icon infographic pm
Not everything project managers need to know comes from learning processes and Knowledge Areas.

Career Paths for the Entry-Level Project Manager
Josh Nankivel, PMP, project manager and career coach, details career paths for new project managers.

Do You Have the Right Project Management Training?
Universities ramp up project management courses to prepare students with the skills they need.

Career Advice for New Project Managers
Lindsay Scott answers your questions about getting a start in project management.

People Skills and the New Project Manager
Lindsay Scott , Arras People, writes that project managers just entering the profession need more than just technical prowess.

What Organizations Really Want in New Project Managers
How can you make your mark as a young project practitioner? Find out from three veterans.

Résumé for Your First Job in Project Management icon infographic pm
Interactive example of what your first CV or résumé should — and should not — include.

Grand Debut - So You Want to be a Project Manager? First do your research
By Lindsay Scott, Director of Program and Project Management Recruitment, Arras People, London, England

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PMI and your career

10 Tips to Be an Event Pro
Here’s what to do before, during and after a conference to get the professional knowledge that boosts job performance.

Insider’s Guide to Attending Events pdf icon
Veterans of PMI congresses and other events share their advance-planning secrets to make sure you’re primed to network and gain knowledge.

Your Path to a Winning Career
Dig deeper during the interview to find candidates with the best fit for your project team.

What Separates the Best from the Rest
Attendees from PMI® Global Congress 2014—North America share insights that fueled their career growth. See the video.

Peer-to-Peer Career Advice
Attendees from PMI® Global Congress 2014—North America share insights that fueled their career growth.

PMI Credentials Can Boost Your Career
Four professionals who hold multiple PMI credentials share how their credential helped their career.

Looking for a Job? Highlight your PMI Credential
Check out these three ways to highlight your credential to a potential employer.

In Action: PMI's Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® Certification
The CAPM® certification gives Sue X. Tu the flexibility to advance her career.

PMI SeminarsWorld®: Easing the Transition into Project Management
Training courses provide the ideal entrée for those new to the profession.

PMI's Program Management Professional (PgMP)® Credential
Lynn Wendt earned her PgMP® credential and gained a new edge on the job market.

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Salary, earnings and negotiation

3 Salary Negotiating No-Nos
Arguing for a higher salary after a job offer can work in your favor — but avoid these mistakes.

Your Salary Questions Answered pdf icon
John Challenger shares information on how project managers can negotiate a fair salary.

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3 Signs It’s Time to Quit
Learn how to tell if your current job is holding you back.

Building a Career in the PMO
Is a role in a PMO the right fit for you? Start by asking the right questions.

Should You Get With the Program?
Program management is a logical next step in a project manager’s career. But is it right for you?

Career Transitions — Your Questions Answered podcast icon
John Challenger discusses job transitions for project managers who are building or advancing their careers. Duration | 5:39

Consultants on Consulting: How to Make the Switch
Project professionals discuss how you can go from practitioner to consultant.

Surviving Corporate Turmoil
Mergers and acquisitions are a corporate fact of life, but project managers can use them to their advantage.

Advice from John Challenger, Challenger, Gray & Christmas
How Senior Project Leaders Can Successfully Change Industries

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