Need Training for Your Organization?

Our Registered Education Providers (R.E.P.s) can help!

At no cost to you, submit your Training Request For Proposal (RFP) to our global network of PMI-approved training organizations.

When you choose a PMI R.E.P., your organization receives a quality project, program, or portfolio management education, at a competitive price, to meet/exceed your tailored training needs. R.E.P.s provide all delivery forms of training - including distance and face-to-face training.

Simply follow the instructions in the attached training RFP form and PMI will gladly post it within 2 business days - again, at no cost to you!

This RFP feature of the R.E.P. Program is intended for RFP purposes only and for those organizations ready to purchase training and not information gathering (not RFI purposes). Furthermore, this RFP feature is not intended as a recommendation of any particular service or product of any of the participating training companies. PMI only posts your training RFP as is. PMI does not have any guarantee or warranty as to the suitability of any products or services for any particular site user or otherwise.

The PMI R.E.P. Program RFP Feature
Is Is Not
Free-of-charge for posting the RFP A chargeable service for posting the RFP
Intended for RFP Purposes only Intended for RFI purposes
Intended for serious buyers of training Intended for less than serious buyers of training
A RFP posting service only. A recommendation of any particular service or product of any of the participating training companies
An opportunity for PMI to post your training RFP to a network of PMI-approved training organizations A process where PMI is involved
For training relative to Project, Program and Portfolio Management For training other than Project, Program and Portfolio Training.