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Call for Papers: Project Management Journal® Invites Authors to Submit Papers for Two Special Editions of the Journal

Project and Innovation Management: Bridging Contemporary Trends in Theory and Practice

The purpose of this special issue is to encourage contributions that bridge, articulate, and cross-fertilize the research streams of project and innovation management. We encourage theoretically grounded papers with clear research questions around the themes suggested. Submission deadline 27 February 2015.

Project and Innovation Management Criteria

Philosophy of Project Management: Creating Space – Creating Alternatives – Creating Ideas – Creating Excellence in Practice

We invite philosophically grounded papers that sit at the borderline of project management theory and different, distinctive philosophies, in order to create a space where the study and understanding of projects under different philosophies can help create excellence in practice. Submission deadline 31 May 2015.

Philosophy of Project Management Criteria

The peer-refereed academic and research publication of PMI, Project Management Journal® features state-of-the-art management techniques, research, theories and applications. It addresses the broad interests of the project management profession, and maintains an editorial balance of content about research, technique, theory and practice.

The Journal's international and multi-disciplinary review team ensures continued standards of excellence in terms of quality of content and reputation among the academic community. The audience for this publication includes project practitioners, academics, executives, business leaders and other individuals who seek to further their project management skills and practices.

The Journal encourages submissions from researchers addressing the art and science of project, program and portfolio management according to an inter-disciplinary perspective.

Project Management Journal is published by John Wiley & Sons in partnership with PMI. The Journal publishes six times per year: February/March, April/May, June/July, August/September, October/November, and December/January.

Project Management Journal

December 2014-January 2015

Member Content

In the current issue of PMJ

The Difficult but Necessary Task of Developing a Specific Project Team Research Agenda
François Chiocchio and Brian Hobbs

Does Project Management Affect Business Productivity? Evidence From Australian Small to Medium Enterprises
Julien Pollack and Daniel Adler

Making Innovation Happen in a Megaproject: London’s Crossrail Suburban Railway System
Andrew Davies, Samuel MacAulay, Tim DeBarro, and Mark Thurston

Corporate Innovation Culture and Dimensions of Project Portfolio Success: The Moderating Role of National Culture
Barbara N. Unger, Johannes Rank, and Hans Georg Gemünden

Innovation Portfolio Management as a Subset of Dynamic Capabilities: Measurement and Impact on Innovative Performance
Hélène Sicotte, Nathalie Drouin, and Hélène Delerue

Linking Individual-Level Knowledge Sourcing to Project-Level Contributions in Large R&D-Driven Product-Development Projects
Erik Lundmark and Magnus Klofsten

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Editorial Mission

The Journal's mission is to address the broad interests of the project management profession and maintain an editorial balance of content about research, technique, theory, and practice.

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