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Project Management Journal

April-May 2016

In the current issue of PMJ

Project Innovation: Evidence-Informed, Open, Effectual, and Subjective
Anne Sigismund Huff

Dynamic Capabilities in Complex Projects: The Case of London Heathrow Terminal 5
Andrew Davies, Mark Dodgson, and David Gann

Floating in Space? On the Strangeness of Exploratory Projects
Sylvain Lenfle

The Challenge of Innovation in Highly Complex Projects: What Can We Learn from Boeing’s Dreamliner Experience?
Aaron J. Shenhar, Vered Holzmann, Benjamin Melamed, and Yao Zhao

Pilot Error? Managerial Decision Biases as Explanation for Disruptions in Aircraft Development
Henk Akkermans and Kim E. van Oorschot

The Innovation Journey and the Skipper of the Raft: About the Role of Narratives in Innovation Project Leadership
Tanja Enninga and Remko van der Lugt

A Contingency Approach on the Impact of Front-End Success on Project Portfolio Success
Alexander Kock, Wilderich Heising, and Hans Georg Gemünden

Innovation for Multiproject Management: The Case of Component Commonality
Tuomas Korhonen, Teemu Laine, Jouni Lyly-Yrjänäinen, and Petri Suomala

Contributions of Design Thinking to Project Management in an Innovation Context
Sihem Ben Mahmoud-Jouini, Christophe Midler, and Philippe Silberzahn

Book Reviews

Letter from the Editors

Project Management Journal (PMJ) Mission Statement

The Project Management Journal’s mission is to shape world thinking on the need for and impact of managing projects by publishing cutting-edge research to advance theory and evidence-based practice.

Projects represent a growing proportion of human activity in large, small, private or public organizations. Projects are used to execute and sustain today’s organizational activities. They play a fundamental role as the engine of tomorrow’s innovation, value creation, and strategic change. However, projects too often fail to deliver their promise.

PMJ addresses these multiple challenges and opportunities by encouraging the development and application of novel theories, concepts, frameworks, research methods, and designs. PMJ embraces contributions both from within and beyond project management to augment and transform theory and practice.

The Journal welcomes articles on projects, programs, project portfolios; megaprojects; project-based organizations, project networks, project business, and the projectification of society.

It welcomes the following topics, but not limited to: governance; strategy; innovation and entrepreneurship; organizational change, learning, capabilities, routines, information systems and technology; complexity and uncertainty; ethics; leadership; teams; and stakeholder management in a wide range of contexts.

Project Management Journal Editors and Departments

Hans Georg Gemünden – BI Norwegian Business School, NO, Editor-in-Chief

The Human Side of Projects, Project Management and Project-based Organizations
Monique Aubry – University of Quebec at Montreal, CA
Ralf Müller – BI Norwegian Business School, NO
Jonas Söderlund – BI Norwegian Business School, NO

ICT as a Facilitator of Project Management and the Management of ICT Projects
Cecil Eng Huang Chua – University of Auckland, Business School, NZ
Gary Klein – University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, USA
Fred Niederman – Saint Louis University, USA

Project Business and Project Networks
Andrew Davies – University College London, UK
Jaakko Kujala – University of Oulu, FI
John Steen – University of Queensland Business School, AU

Innovation through Projects, Programs, and Portfolios
Tim Brady – University of Brighton, UK
Catherine Killen – University of Technology, Sydney, AU
Alexander Kock – TU Darmstadt, Law and Economics, DE
Christophe Midler – École Polytechnique, FR

Submitting to the Project Management Journal

Articles submitted to the Journal are double-blind reviewed. Please see the Project Management Journal editorial guidelines for further information. PMJ is a journal to disseminate and discuss project management research. It is not a platform to discuss the content or quality of PMI standards, credentials or certifications, and those of other standard-setting organizations.

Project Management Journal is published by PMI and a collaboration between PMI Publications and PMI Academic Resources. The Journal publishes six times per year and occasionally features special issues on select topics: February/March, April/May, June/July, August/September, October/November, and December/January.

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