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  • The role of philosophy in project management placeholder image

    By Konstantinou, Efrosyni In creating a special issue on the philosophy of project management, the first questions we need to be asking ourselves are: Why should we be interested in philosophy? Why should we be interested in…

  • Minima moralia in project management placeholder image

    By Klein, Louis "There is no right life in the wrong one," Theodor W. Adorno (1951/2006) concluded in the 'Minima Moralia.' In project management, this idea calls for rethinking the contributions and implications…

  • The projectification of everything placeholder image

    By Jensen, Anders Projects have become omnipresent not only in the economy but also in our society and our lives. Projects organize and shape our actions at work, in our professional profiles and networks, and also…

  • Philosophy of project management placeholder image

    By Frame, J. Davidson This article examines how insights offered by a well-established philosophy of science can provide lessons that have a bearing on formulating a philosophy of project management. It has three…

  • An existential hermeneutic philosophical approach to project management placeholder image

    By Rolfe, Bradley The philosophies of Martin Heidegger and Richard Rorty are used to redescribe the fundamental assumptions underpinning project management. Rather than viewing project management as merely a science,…

  • Let's discuss aesthetics for projects placeholder image

    By Hoorn, Bronte van der Aesthetics is concerned with the knowledge and affects related to sensory experience and corporeality (the body). While there has been an increase in the literature based on nonpositivist…

  • Why distinctions matter placeholder image

    By Idler, José This article explores the conceptual nature of project management and argues that making distinctions, as seen in the analytic philosophical method, is a powerful tool for optimizing project…

  • The metaphysical questions every project practitioner should ask placeholder image

    By Ika, Lavagnon A. Project practitioners become so familiar with the word 'project' that they think about it more in terms of how it is used, and less in terms of what it really is. But is there such a thing as the…

  • Living with the unknown unknown placeholder image

    By Kvalnes, Øyvind In this article, I explore how the traditional understanding of uncertainty in project management can be revised in light of the philosophical input from Kierkegaard, Dewey, and Wittgenstein.…

  • Root metaphors for the management of projects placeholder image

    By Ahern, Terence In traditional project management, knowledge integration assumes upfront plans as explicit knowledge. For complex projects that cannot be fully specified in advance; however, knowledge integration…

  • Project management between will and representation placeholder image

    By Floricel, Serghei This article challenges some deep-rooted assumptions of project management. Inspired by the work of the German philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer, it calls for looking at projects through two…

  • The open secret of values placeholder image

    By Biedenbach, Thomas The purpose of this article is to explore the roles and potential benefits of axiology and value theory in project research. This is done through (1) an exploration of the essentials of axiology and…


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