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  • From the Editor

    By Gemünden, Hans Georg Hans Georg Gemünden introduces the seven papers presented in the April/May edition of Project Management Journal.These articles touch on project teams, road mapping, infrastructure megaprojects,…

  • The Influence of Project Commitment and Team Commitment on the Relationship between Trust and Knowledge Sharing in Project Teams

    By Buvik, Marte Pettersen | Tvedt, Sturle Danielsen The purpose of the study is to enhance our understanding of the relationship among trust, commitment, and knowledge sharing in project teams. We examine how trust directly and indirectly affects…

  • Linking Team Condition and Team Performance

    By Akhavan Tabassi, Amin | Roufechaei, Kamand M. | Bakar, Abu Hassan Abu | Nor'Aini, Yusof Because project teams in the construction industry shape the primary focus of the industry's project life cycle, a high-performance construction workplace facilitates employees' technical and…

  • Mapping the Road to Future Projects

    By Bengtsson, Marie | Lindkvist, Lars Based on a longitudinal case study in a large technology-based firm, this article shows how roadmapping can bring about an increased focus on explorative activity and a stronger future orientation…

  • Special Purpose Entities in Megaprojects

    By Sainati, Tristano | Brookes, Naomi J. | Locatelli, Giorgio Megaprojects involve organizations called "Special Purpose Entities" (SPEs) also known as "special purpose vehicles." Despite their relevance, particularly for governance, SPEs are…

  • The Impact of Project Managers' Personality on Project Success in NGOs

    By Hassan, Muhammad Mubbashar | Bashir, Sajid | Abbas, Syed Moqaddas This study examined the extent to which project managers' personality determines project success through the mediating mechanism of transformational leadership. The context of the study was…

  • Toward a Systemic View to Cost Overrun Causation in Infrastructure Projects

    By Ahiaga-Dagbui, Dominic D. | Love, Peter E. D. | Smith, Simon | Ackermann, Fran Infrastructure cost overruns receive a significant amount of attention in the academic literature as well as the popular press. The methodological weaknesses in the dominant approaches adopted to…

  • How Agile Practices Impact Customer Responsiveness and Development Success

    By Recker, Jan | Holten, Roland | Hummel, Markus | Rosenkranz, Christoph Agile information systems development methods have become popular; however, which specific agile practice to use remains unclear. We argue that three types of agile practices exist--for management,…


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