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Economic Conditions are Mixed

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More projects are back on track along with more training for project professionals. But fewer project managers were hired compared to Q4 of 2014, perhaps because hiring enjoyed an uptick throughout 2014. Compared to Q4 of 2015, the number of cancelled or delayed projects has remained stable (34% vs. 33%) and the number of restarted projects is virtually the same (15% vs. 17%).

Additionally, the number of cancelled or delayed professional development activities has remained the same compared to last year (35% vs. 36%), and the number of rescheduled professional training activities is unchanged at 19%.

The hiring of project managers has however decreased (45% vs. 52%), and layoffs have increased (23% vs. 17%). On the flip side, employment among project managers is higher (95% vs. 89%), which we attribute to more hiring of project managers throughout 2014.

Government Involvement

Projects funded by government stimulus monies have decreased compared to this time last year (10% vs. 14%).

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