How to Become an R.E.P.

When it comes to training in project management, students and organizations that employ trainers value the R.E.P. designation as a sign of quality. To ensure the delivery of a quality training experience, we take very seriously the evaluation and approval of candidate R.E.P.s.

R.E.P. Qualification Criteria

  1. Show organizational maturity and be a legal organization that has offered project management training for at least one year
  2. Provide evidence of quality course design, delivery and content
  3. Show that course content is consistent with PMI global standards. Alternatively, you can teach new concepts or ones that differ from PMI standards if you clearly state the differences in your marketing and instructional materials
  4. Properly award PDUs or contact hours for course completion
  5. Use appropriate attributions on PMI Intellectual Property (IP) and adhere to our advertising policy

The R.E.P. Application Process

The application process, which typically takes 30–40 business days, is as follows:

Step #1

New applicants must review the R.E.P. program criteria, responsibilities and benefits and PMI intellectual property guidelines for R.E.P.s.

R.E.P. program criteria, responsibilities and benefits

PMI intellectual property guidelines for R.E.P.s

  • Information Regarding PMI Intellectual Property (IP) - Quick Reference Guide


Step #2

Review the R.E.P application instructions, complete the application in English and submit your application with course materials (in local language) and payment. We will check your application for accuracy and completeness.

Application Instructions and Checklist

R.E.P. Application Form

Fill Out the Form

Step #3

Before we assign the application to a reviewer, we will tell you the names of the potential reviewers in order to avoid a conflict of interest.  

Step #4

The application is sent to the reviewer, who uses a standard set of guidelines to conduct the review. (You must submit one course for each delivery method.)  

Step #5

The reviewer provides us with a summary report and a recommendation.  

Step #6

PMI considers the reviewer's recommendations and other information you have submitted and notifies you of the decision. If your organization is approved, we will send you a certificate of approval and enter your profile into the R.E.P. directory. If your application is denied approval, you have 30 days to appeal the decision.

We re-evaluate your R.E.P. status every three years and perform random audits to ensure quality of the providers within the program.


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