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Anniversary of Credential to Become New Basis for PMP Expiration Dates

New expiration dates affect all PMPs

PMI is dedicated to maintaining and administering world-class credentials on behalf of the global project management profession. As the number of Project Management Professional (PMP®) credential holders grows every year, the Institute assesses its processes and systems so it can better serve credential holders.

Many credential holders are aware of the large volume of renewals that PMI processes at the end of each year. To better meet customer needs, PMI will change and spread out all PMP credential holders' expiration dates. Currently, all credential holders expire on 31 December of the third year after they earn the credential. Credential holders will be assigned new expiration dates that correspond with the anniversary dates of when their credentials were earned. The result will be a simplification of the PMP certification cycle.

The transition to the new system will begin taking place in late August 2008. Current PMP credential holders will have months added to their renewal cycle based on the anniversary of their earning the credential; no one will have time taken away. The chart below illustrates how the transition will work. Substitute your own credentialing anniversary date for the one shown on the chart. This date can be found on your PMP certificate:

What year did you earn your PMP credential? SAMPLE* date of earning credential Current expiration date SAMPLE* New expiration date SAMPLE* Expiration date after renewal

2008 14 Jun 2008 31 Dec. 2011 14 Jun 2012 14 Jun 2015
2007 14 Jun 2007 31 Dec. 2010 14 Jun 2011 14 Jun 2014
2006 14 Jun 2006 31 Dec. 2009 14 Jun 2010 14 Jun 2013
2005 14 Jun 2005 31 Dec. 2008 14 Jun 2009 14 Jun 2012
2004 14 Jun 2004 31 Dec. 2007 14 Jun 2008 14 Jun 2011
* Substitute your actual date for the sample date given in this chart.

By late August, you will be able to view your new expiration date online at PMI.org when you log in as a user. You will also receive a series of communications from PMI over the next several months that will provide information and guidance on this change. These communications will include an e-mail by July and also again by September 2008 indicating your new expiration date and, by October 2008, a new PMP certificate printed with your new expiration date will be sent to you via postal mail.

The actual renewal process for PMP credential holders is not affected by the change of expiration dates. To maintain your PMP credential before your expiration date, you are still required to:

  • Earn and report a minimum of 60 professional development units (PDUs);
  • Complete the renewal process that includes submitting your application for renewal and a renewal fee via the online certification system.

If you have questions about this change, please send them via e-mail to customercare@pmi.org. Because this change affects all active PMP credential holders worldwide, please allow adequate response time. An abbreviated FAQ has been provided in the Q&A Forum of this issue of PMP Passport.

Visit the online FAQs.

PMP Passport Wins Award and Is Recognized Among National Publications

PMP Passport won the gold 2007 EXCEL award from the Society of National Association Publications (SNAP) for general excellence in online publishing-electronic newsletters.

Judges said that PMP Passport "hit it out of the park in terms of design, navigation and content. The total presentation and reader accessibility made it a very functional winner."

The award was announced at the 28th Annual EXCEL Awards Gala on 10 June in Washington, D.C., USA. The EXCEL Awards honor the best and the brightest in association editorial content and graphic design.