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PMI Introduces New Agile Certification

With more organizations applying Agile techniques in the management of successful projects, PMI announced the launch of a new Agile certification.

This new offering brought together key thought leaders who use Agile techniques for project management. They advised PMI on the most effective way to offer the certification and serve project practitioners and the organizations where they work.

"The PMI Agile certification is designed to establish a baseline of understanding regarding Agile philosophy, concepts and general Agile practices that project managers (and practitioners) should be familiar with," said Michele Sliger, PMP, president of Sliger Consulting and a member of the Agile Certification Steering Committee.

PMI research found that the use of Agile practices in project management has doubled in the last two years.

“Although organizations have been offering Agile certifications for some time, we now have the largest project management organization in the world taking a leadership role in promoting the use of Agile techniques," said Jesse Fewell, PMP. Mr. Fewell is a managing director for offshore Agile operations RippleRock, founder of the PMI Agile Community of Practice and a member of the Agile Certification Steering Committee.

"Project managers need to have Agile as part of their overall toolkit. It might not be the right answer for every project, but it has become an essential approach for effectively delivering project work in environments where change is the norm," said Mike Cottmeyer, PMP, an Agile coach for LeadingAgile, leader of the PMI Agile Community of Practice and a member of the Agile Certification Steering Committee. "This certification ... will help us legitimize Agile in organizations that have been resistant to giving these methods a try."

The Agile certification will complement PMI's existing Agile offerings, such as the Agile Community of Practice, SeminarsWorld® and eSeminarsWorldSM courses, and Agile area of focus sessions at PMI® Global Congresses.

"Project managers who are using Agile practices in their projects can broaden their influence and impact in their respective organizations and enhance their careers with the Agile certification, especially those professionals already holding the PMP®,” said Mark A. Langley, president and CEO of PMI. "Using these practices in project management is more common than ever, and this certification is a natural extension of our commitment to our members, credential holders and stakeholders worldwide."

In April, the examination outline and key reference texts will be available for trainers to use as they update or build Agile practices into their project management courseware. These resources will also be made available to candidates interested in the certification.

In May, PMI will conduct a pilot to ensure the certification exam is suitably developed, which means that if you're interested in participating in the pilot, you can apply in May, with exams commencing in the third quarter, 2011.

You can find more information at PMI Agile Certification.


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