GAC Benefits For Students

Choosing a project management program is no easy task. GAC accreditation is a globally recognized seal of approval that assures you—and your future employers—of the quality, reputation, and relevance of your project management education. 

It is awarded by the world’s leading specialized accrediting body for project management and related degree programs, the Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs (GAC).

Looking to learn more about project management as a career? Read our introduction.

Why Choose a GAC Accredited Program?

Quality Education, Stronger Employment

For students and employers alike, GAC accreditation is a testament that the program: 

  • Demonstrates a commitment to academic quality and excellence
  • Meets global accreditation standards
  • Prepares students to enter the workforce

For these reasons, attending a GAC accredited program can lead to better employment opportunities after graduation. 

Exclusive Opportunities and Peer Recognition

In addition to high-quality education, GAC students benefit from:

Earn Credit Towards PMI Certifications 

For millions of project professionals worldwide, holding a certification from PMI proves abilities, unlocks career opportunities, and sets them apart from the competition. 

Graduates of GAC accredited degree programs get substantial credit toward the experience requirement for all PMI certifications, shortening the certification journey. Learn more.

GAC Accreditation: Value, Benefits, and Process

A review of GAC accreditation of university programs including the value, benefits, and process of GAC accreditation.
assures program commitment to quality, boosts graduate job opportunities

More Resources for Students

Find a Program

GAC accredited programs can be found around the world and provide exciting work and educational opportunities for students. Discover the right one for you and elevate your project management career.

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Activate Your Career

The updated CAPM® certification helps students stand out from the crowd by proving industry-recognized abilities to employers. Unlock career opportunities with the PMI Student Bundle, which allows you to join PMI as a student member and take the CAPM® exam at a discounted rate.

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Career Navigator

Looking for your next step? Take the free professional assessment exam to get matched with personalized professional development opportunities and next steps that move you towards your career goals.  

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Academic Scholarships

Scholarships in project management and related fields are available at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, with exclusive opportunities available to students in GAC programs.

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PMI For Students

Whether you're studying project management, building your skillset, or just learning about project careers, find tools to advance on the PMI Student Hub. For career starters, check out development resources on Career Central.  

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Level Up To Lead

For experienced professionals, the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification proves you can lead projects across any industry. GAC students earn credit towards the experience requirement to apply. 

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