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PMI Scholar-Practitioner Award

The PMI Scholar-Practitioner Award recognizes and honors an individual or group of individuals for excellence in the conduct of academic research and the adoption or adaptation of research into practice.

Submission Deadline

The PMI Scholar-Practitioner Award will be presented once every two years. The call for nominations is open now through 31 May 2021.


Guidelines and Nomination Procedures


  • The nominee(s) is not required to be a PMI member.
  • The nominee may be a practitioner engaged with academia, or a scholar engaged in practice.
  • The nominee’s primary professional affiliation is not limited to but may be academic, corporate, government or nonprofit.

Not Eligible

  • Sitting members of PMI’s Board of Directors may not participate in the nomination or evaluation process and are ineligible to receive this award.
  • Current sitting members of PMI’s Academic Insight Team are ineligible to receive this award during their tenure on the AIT.
  • Current PMI staff and consultants. 
  • Individuals who have failed to comply with PMI policies and procedures, including but not limited to PMI's Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, will not be considered.

Number of Awards

  • Only one PMI Scholar-Practitioner Award will be granted on a biennial basis.
  • PMI reserves the right not to select a recipient for a particular year.


The nominee shall have met all of the following criteria:

Criterion 1: Successfully applied research outcomes in practice and/or contributed to knowledge through extraction of learning from practice.

Criterion 2: Published works which have been subjected to peer-review in the individual’s area of expertise that have contributed to the practice of the project management field. Examples include journal articles, conference papers, books or book chapters, and peer-reviewed keynote presentations and invited contributions.

Criterion 3: Demonstrated commitment to the integration of academic research/theory and practice.

Criterion 4: Work is respected by project management academic and practitioner communities.

Role of the Nominator

  • The nominee must be nominated by one or more persons, one of whom must be a current PMI member in good standing. 
  •  When more than one person supports the nomination, a Lead Nominator must be designated who collects and submits all nomination materials and serves as the point of contact for the nomination. 

Nomination Procedures and Content

  • The nomination must contain the following:
  • The CV(s) of the nominee(s) with a complete list of publications.
  • A description of the nominee's body of work and how his or her accomplishments contribute toward advancing the field of project management.
  • Letters of support (1 page maximum each) from each nominator explaining their rationale for supporting the nominee for the award. If a nominator has a direct personal or professional relationship with the nominee, this should be disclosed in the nominator's letter. All letters should be signed and dated. 
  • Nominations will not be reviewed if:
    • Written in a language other than English.
    • Nomination Package is incomplete
    • Received after the submission deadline

Verification and Selection

PMI Academic Programs will:

  • Verify the nominee’s eligibility and that all required materials have been submitted.
  • Confirm receipt and eligibility of the nomination.
  • Administer the review process and notify the nominator of the result.
  • Distribute and collect required paperwork, including PMI release and permissions forms, from the selected nominee.

Nominations are reviewed and scored by a peer review panel. The evaluation process is proprietary to PMI.

Presentation of the Award

  • The PMI Scholar-Practitioner Award will be presented at a designated project management conference.
  • The award recipient will be publicized through PMI communication channels and external media after the presentation of the award. The recipient may also coordinate additional publicity with PMI after the presentation of the award.

Additional Information

  • PMI will not reimburse any expense for assembling the nomination or presentation materials.
  • PMI reserves the right within its sole discretion, and at any time up to the time of the presentation of the award, to determine that a candidate is or has become ineligible for the award. In any such case, PMI will notify the lead nominator and the candidate of its decision as soon as possible prior to the award presentation.
  • Please send all inquiries to Jill Liebling at [email protected] or Michele Raymond at [email protected].


Past Recipients of this Award

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