Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco Project Management Office

Category: PMO of the Year Award Finalist

In 2010, Saudi Aramco established a Project Management Office in replacement of a Project Support and Control Department. Since its inception, the established PMO deals with a large project portfolio averaging around 200 projects a year. By enhancing up-front planning and definition and clarifying stakeholder’s roles and responsibilities, Saudi Aramco Projects have witnessed an improvement of 26% in project process governance, which in-turn reduced the overall project cycle time by 22%. The PMO also improved the Project Scheduled Performance Index by 18% and Cost Performance Index by 17%, compared to numbers prior to the establishment of the PMO. The PMO also improved other Key Performance Index (KPI) areas such as Operational Excellence Index, Knowledge Management Performance Index, Professional Certification Index, and Facilitation Services Index among other key performance indicators. The PMO’s implementation of value improvement practices has added clarity to project objectives and simplified scope definitions. The successful utilization of value improvement practices has resulted in cost avoidance of over USD$1 billion in CAPEX and Lifecycle costs for the capital program.