PMI Small and Midsize Project of the Year

  • 2022


    • Medical Oxygen Plant (MOP)

      by Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL)

      The COVID-19 pandemic hit India in a never seen before manner which challenged the medical fraternity beyond limits. The medical infrastructure had to be augmented to bridge the demand and supply gap within days.

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    • GDID Jubilee - COVID-19 300 ICU Hospital Beds

      by That Interesting Company

      The 300-bed permanent COVID-19 facility at the Jubilee Hospital site is one of the most rapidly constructed hospitals of its kind built to date in South Africa.

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    • Multiplan Advocacy Platform

      by UST

      Employee Assistance Advocacy is a US-based health and wellness company. The organizational strategy is to attract people to their various programs and tools such as health risk assessment tools, thereby motivating them to stay healthy, compliant with their treatments and reduce overall healthcare costs.

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