Multiplan Advocacy Platform

Employee Assistance Advocacy is a US-based health and wellness company. The organizational strategy is to attract people to their various programs and tools such as health risk assessment tools, thereby motivating them to stay healthy, compliant with their treatments and reduce overall healthcare costs. The keys to the project’s success are first, stakeholders had access to real time project management data to adjust the project quickly, and two, the unique way the organization addressed significant resource constraints. With a major boom in the IT industry, it was difficult or very expensive to acquire key resources. UST overcame this challenge by conducting boot camp trainings to bring existing resources up to speed.

Getting people with healthcare knowledge was another challenge UST overcame by learning through gamification, teaching healthcare terminology and concepts through a game built in-house. This project overall was of immense benefit to the public as the Advocacy platform enabled healthcare systems and the general public to eliminate unnecessary expenses by providing timely alerts for regular health checks and appointments, assigning advocates to members for clarifying healthcare queries, conducting awareness campaigns for food habits, weight loss and fitness challenges.