• PMI Project of the Year Award 2009

  • PMI Continuing Professional Education Product of the Year Award 2009

    • Winners

      • Seminar on Effective Project Management

        Alpha Consultoria

        Mexico City, Mexico

        Category: Individual/Business

        The seminar teaches participants to apply the processes described in the PMBOK® Guide in their specific environments. The training program is offered in Spanish and Portuguese.

      • "Mayday, Mayday" workshop

        EuroBank S.A.

        Category: Corporate/Government/Association

        The workshop simulates a shipwreck situation to introduce participants to the process of risk management in a practical way. The workshop aims to familiarize participants with frequent, unforeseeable changes in projects and to show them that a methodological approach allows them to generate better results. More than 100 Eurobank employees participated in this workshop in 2008.

  • PMI Continuing Professional Education Provider of the Year Award 2009

    • Winners

      • Project Management: A Master Course in the Multidisciplinary Approach of Planning and Implementing Projects.

        Cadence Management Corporation

        Category: Individual/Business

        This learning experience focuses on the skills that project managers, team members and business professionals need to deliver project results more effectively and with higher quality. In class, students apply the tools and techniques they learn to real projects. This facilitates the immediate application of their learning when returning to their work environment. Course materials are available in five languages-English, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch and Finnish.

      • In-house Project Management Training Program


        Category: Corporate/Government/Association

        IBM invests in annual project management curriculum updates to ensure that the latest levels of professional project management practice, as seen both inside and outside the company, are taught. The IBM project management curriculum team regularly updates courses to reflect changes in IBM's business environment, methods and business processes, and to maintain currency with the PMBOK® Guide. In addition to updating curriculum, IBM encourages project management practitioners to maintain professional qualifications through a variety of learning activities that include accessing the database of lessons learned from previous projects and a website with current information on best practices, methods, tools and profession-related announcements.

  • PMI Eric Jenett Project Management Excellence Award 2009

    • Winners

      • Peter Mello, PMP, PMI-SP, SpS

      • Upendra Giri

  • PMI Fellow Award 2009

    • Winners

      • Lee R. Lambert, PMP

      • Karen Tate, MBA, PMP

      • James M. Gallagher, PMP

      • Iain Fraser, Dip PPC, Fellow PMINZ, PMP

      • Debbie O'Bray, CIM

      • Vijay Kumar Verma, PMP, MBA, P.Eng

      • Karen R.J. White, MS, PMP

  • PMI Community Advancement Through Project Management Award 2009

    • Winner

      • Tim M. Mattimoe, MBA, PMP

        Category: Individual

  • PMI David I. Cleland Project Management Literature Award 2009

    • Winner

      • Managing Complex Projects: A New Model

        by Kathleen B. Hass, PMP

  • PMI Project Management Journal® Paper of the Year Award 2009

    • Winner

      • Project Portfolio Control and Portfolio Management Performance in Different Contexts

        by Ralf Müller, DBA, MBA, PMP; Tomas Blomquist, PhD; and Miia Maarit Martinsuo, D.Sc. (Tech.)

  • PMI Research Achievement Award 2009

    • Winner

      • Jeffrey K. Pinto, Ph.D.