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Open for Business

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29 May 2020

We’re opening up PMI – to new ideas, new audiences and new influences.

Welcome! The PMI Blog is now open for business.

We’re certainly launching this blog at an unusual moment in time—when much of the world is taking tentative steps to emerge from the global lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a time when many have been sheltering and staying at home.  

As the world’s leading project management organization, PMI has been continuing to support people who consider program or project management their profession. Whilst we had to move PMI staff to home-working and events have gone virtual, we have been able to continue to offer training and certifications, maintain professional standards and advocate for all things project management. This has allowed us to remain “open” and keep our focus on our goals as an association.

Being “open” doesn’t just describe the state of our organization, it also describes the philosophy behind this blog and everything we do at PMI. We’re opening up PMI—to new ideas, new audiences and new influences. We’re questioning all our assumptions and ways of working – from reimagining agile to launching micro-credentials that help project professionals to stand out from the crowd and gain new skills.  

Why? Because project management skills and know-how are becoming more important to the way we live, work, and play than ever before. At its core, project management is about turning ideas into reality—“getting stuff done” as one of my colleagues at the PMI Global Executive Council likes to say. A lot of this is related to work, but it can also mean taking on a home repair project or getting into the college of your choice. Whether you’re 5 or 75, everyone needs project management skills to get things done—project management skills are life skills—applicable for many, many things that you may be wanting to achieve, at work, at home, at school. 

In this blog, you’ll hear from a variety of voices. I plan to be a frequent contributor, but you’ll also hear from some of PMI’s thought leaders like: 

  • Joe Cahill - our chief operating officer who has his finger on the pulse of the profession around the world
  • Scott Ambler - one of the original co-creators of Disciplined Agile and a globally known expert on how organizations can best tailor their unique ways of working
  • Otema Yirenkyi - a dynamic leader overseeing our presence in emerging markets like Africa, where the population and need for project expertise is expanding rapidly 
  • Dave Garrett - our chief strategy and growth officer, as well as one of the most creative people I know, with loads to say about how individuals and organizations can embrace an innovative mindset 
  • Members of our Global Executive Council, a group of senior business executives from some of the world’s leading companies, who will contribute their insights and perspectives
  • And many more…

We also hope to use the blog to respond to many of the questions you’re asking online. Ultimately, we want the PMI blog to foster an open dialogue with you, so we can continue to serve your needs. 

As the global economy emerges from the pandemic lockdown, governments, businesses and individuals around the world will all be launching countless projects to help get our lives and livelihoods back on track. Project professionals excel as change makers—and these organizations will be counting on our community like never before. We hope this blog can play a small part in everyone’s success.