PMI Annual Membership Meeting Minutes 27 October 2020

Tony Appleby, Chair, called the meeting to order and welcomed attendees.

The Chair shared a video reviewing highlights from the year.

The Chair noted that the Minutes from the 2019 Annual Membership Meeting were posted on and in the virtual meeting portal and called for a motion to approve the Minutes.

Moved by Greg Stratton, and seconded by LuAnn Piccard, “That the PMI membership in attendance approve the 2019 Annual Membership Meeting Minutes.” Motion passed.

The Chair recognized and thanked the Board Support Committee volunteers serving on the Nominating Committee, Ethics Review Committee, Board Volunteer Advisory Committee, Certification Governance Council and the Global Accreditation Center.

The Chair recognized and thanked the following Directors that will be finishing their term of service at the end of the year.

  1. Cathy La Tona
  2. Jennifer Tharp
  3. J. Davidson Frame
  4. Tejas Sura

The Chair announced the members elected to serve on the Board of Directors from 1 January 2021 through 31 December 2023:

  1. Matthew Tomlinson
  2. Ike Nwankwo
  3. Pablo Lledo
  4. Agnieszka Gasperini

The Chair announced the following Directors will be returning to form the 2021 Board of Directors:

  1. Tony Appleby
  2. Roberto Toledo
  3. Beth Partleton
  4. LuAnn Piccard
  5. Galen Townson
  6. Teresa Knudson
  7. Anca Slușanschi
  8. Randy Black

The Chair announced the 2021 Board and Committee Chairs as follows:

  1. Tony Appleby, Chair
  2. Galen Townson, Audit Committee Chair
  3. Beth Partleton, Compensation Committee Chair
  4. LuAnn Piccard, Strategy Oversight Committee Chair

The Chair called for any old or new business and William Scarborough, VP, General Counsel & Secretary, stated that there was no business to report.

The Chair announced the Board of Directors approved the 2021-2025 Strategic Plan.

The Chair announced that the next Annual Membership Meeting will be held on Saturday, 9 October 2021 in Boston, USA.

The Chair called for a motion to adjourn the meeting.

Motion by Jennifer Tharp, seconded by Randy Black, “To adjourn the 2020 Annual Membership Meeting.” Motion passed.


Respectfully submitted,


William Scarborough

2020 Secretary