Project Management Institute

Summarized Board Meeting Minutes Philadelphia, PA USA – January 2012

A motion passed to approve the Consent Calendar for Approval containing the following items:

  • Ratification of 2012 Officers
  • October 2011 Board Meeting Minutes
  • Muhammad Mirza to 2012 Board Volunteer Appointment Committee (BVAC)
  • Roberto Toledo to PMIEF Board
  • Updated Performance Oversight Committee (POC) Charter
  • Investment Custodianship from Wells Fargo to Charles Schwab
  • 2012 ERC Chair Replacement.

A motion passed approving the deletion of references to PMI Specific Interest Group (SIG) and College from Article X, Section B of the PMI Bylaws.

A motion passed approving the addition of a new Rule of the Board 13.5, Recognition of Disasters: PMI supports disaster relief through the PMI Educational Foundation and other PMI entities.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Farley, PMP
2012 Secretary-Treasurer